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Adam4Adam As A Transsexual Dating Website for Gay Singles

Adam4Adam As A Transsexual Dating Website for Gay Singles
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 34 896 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Adam4Adam is one of the leading transsexual dating website for the gay community looking for casual relationships.
  • You have both “Home” and “Visitors” pages on your account.
  • All the features of the website are free to use.
  • Adam4Adam offers a free downloadable mobile application for both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • The website has an extensive user database with over 10 million users.
  • The profile information and some settings may be changed later.
  • Adam4Adam also has a live stream option and a sex shop.
  • Although most of the features are free, the Adam4Adam website’s homepage is full of advertisements. If you want to get rid of them, you should upgrade your account to the premium one.
  • The conversations that are inactive for more than 10 days may be automatically deleted.
  • Adam4Adam does not take any security measurements to prevent fake profiles from joining.
  • The interface of the mobile application is not so appealing for the users.

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Adam4Adam is one of the pioneer gay dating websites, which caters to the gay community. Adam4Adam Network was founded in 2003 and since then gained a lot of popularity among the users. According to some Adam4Adam reviews, the site currently has 10 million registered users from all over the world. Most of the useful features are available for free due to the incomes from ads, adult movies, various donations, and other revenue bringing projects.

The website demographic is quite broad, including all kinds of gay community members. No matter you are a transsexual, gay, bisexual, a twink, or having another not straight sexual orientation, you are welcome to join the Adam4Adam website’s community. Regardless of your ethnicity, religion, or cultural background, you can create a website profile.

The majority of the Adam4Adam website’s members come from the United States. Despite this, the user database covers other areas as well located in various parts of the world. According to some Adam4Adam reviews, the activity of the website is one of the highest ones. According to inbox reviews, 90% of the website’s population is looking for casual hookups or encounters. Fifty-three percent of the whole population composes not-white users, which makes Adam4Adam one of the largest multi-racial dating websites these days. Most interestingly, the majority of the active users on Adam4Adam are in their 50s. Along with usual registration, the website also offers a couple of registration options.

Website’s Interface And Functionality

Website’s Interface And Functionality

Overall, the Adam4Adam website’s interface is quite attractive compared with other transsexual websites. However, it is not a secret that the functionality is much more important than design for such adult dating websites. If you are a free user on the website, you will see thousands of advertisements displayed on the homepage. Most of them are exclusively pornographic. If you do not want to see those adds, you have to purchase the premium membership of Adam4Adam.

When it comes to functionality, Adam4Adam is user-friendly and easy to use. As stated earlier in this Adam4Adam review, the most active users of the website are the older generation’s representatives. Bearing this mind, the website has created such an interface free of a lot of cluttered features and tabs. The functions are easy to notice; however, they could be arranged in a better way, as well.

The profiles on Adam4Adam are also not very neatly organized. You may find information about the user’s appearance, relationship status, sexual orientation, and lifestyle. Right under the username, you may find the location of the user. Beneath the basic personal information presented in bullet points, you may see the “About Me” section, where the user’s character and the profession are described. There is the message box if someone wants to send a message. You have two uploaded photos; Primary Photo, which is not a private, and Primary App photo. If your Primary Photo is not G-rated, Primary App Photo may be used instead of it. According to Adam4Adam Terms of Use, Primary App photo should be G-rated free of explicit presentations of your butt, underwear etc. However, many Adam4Adam reviews claim that the website’s administration and the users do not follow this rule. Except for the “Home” page, the website also enables you to create a “Visitor” profile to visit specific websites.

Some Unique Features Of The Website

Adam4Adam offers several unique features that exclusively serve the website’s sexual purpose. You may enjoy the movies with sexual content, buy sex toys, and organize out-of-town hookups with other users.

  • Live Cams

Adam4Adam offers different options like Adam4AdamLIVE, A4ALIVE, and Adam4CAMS, to watch other members while doing online live streams or ask other users to start video chatting. However, to enjoy this feature, you should create several different accounts. Moreover, there is some amount of fee to let you watch those videos in full-size.

  • Sex Shop

Adam4Adam also has an online shop where you can buy different sex-related toys to make your sexual experience more enjoyable and unforgettable.

  • Movies

The users of the Adam4Adam website may watch porno movies in three different ways;

“Pay-Per-Minute”: This way suggests to watch movies by purchasing a time package. As the movie goes, the time is taken from your account.

“Rentals”: This way offers to buy a movie for a 48-hour limit. During this time, you may watch the movie as many times as you want.

“Downloads”: You may purchase the movie for a week, a month, or as long as you want; you need to pay the required amount.

  • Underwear Club

This Adam4Adam Monthly Underwear Club is a fun feature where the website sends you a pair of designer underwear monthly starting from 10USD for the first month. They will choose the underwear in your preferred style and your size.

  • Party Ad

There is a particular page on Adam4Adam, where you can create an event and ask other users to join. This feature is entirely free regardless of your membership. However, you can advertise small private parties only, and the advertisement will be shown 30 days before the event and will be deleted two days after it.

  • Health Resources

Adam4Adam has created a list of health counselors that have accounts on the website. The list consists of different health questions about different issues.

Does Adam4Adam Offer a Mobile Application?

Adam4Adam offers a free downloadable application for both Android and iOS users. However, the mobile application lacks all the useful features and design that make the Adam4Adam website unique. Astatically, copying the desktop version and using it as a mobile application is not a good idea at all. The usability is also annoying because the buttons are not easy to press. However, one of the advantages of the mobile application is that it is available in different languages such as Arabian, Russian, etc.

If you are not satisfied with the mobile application, you are encouraged to use the mobile version of the desktop. In this way, you will enjoy all the features that the Adam4Adam website offers. Moreover, the interface looks more user-friendly, and the navigation is straightforward. In other words, the mobile version promises a better experience. You may also save some storage by using the mobile application.

Is Adam4Adam a Safe Platform to Join?

Although the profiles of Adam4Adam go through an approval process, there have always been doubts about its safety and security. According to one Adam4Adam review, in 2006, the website was used to attract gay users from the remote areas of New York and Washington, after which they were robbed and killed. Another Adam4Adam review claims that in 2004 it was discovered the website profiles were used by the military services to check particular users. This is quite possible since the profile information is open for everyone to investigate.

Despite all these cases mentioned above, Adam4Adam takes all the necessary measurements to ensure its users’ safe journey with the website. The fake profiles are immediately terminated, as they identified. Moreover, the website’s registration process requires a valid email address, which can be tracked if there is a need. Adam4Adam, like many other transsexual websites, gives an option to report about abusive and annoying people and block them. If you report the user, the website’s administrators will go through the profile and delete it if they fund something suspicious. If you choose to block a member, that user will not message you or view your profile.

The Registration on the Website

The registration on Adam4Adam consists of two simple steps. First, you are asked to provide an attractive username, a valid email address, and a strong password. You need to click on the button stating that you agree with the Term of Use. You should also testify that you above the legal age; in other words, you should be 18 or above to register on the website.

The next step of the singing-up process requires you to complete some fields by providing detailed information about your age, gender preferences, residence, and uploading photo. Likewise, you need to verify your profile creation by going through the captcha box. There are three other boxes to certify again that you agree with the Adam4Adam website’s conditions, terms of use. You need to make sure to have 120 free credits and access to adam4adamlive video chatting.

Although the Adam4Adam website asks you to provide a valid email address, you may go without it. This means you may create a profile and use the website’s features without verifying your email address.

Can Profiles Be Edited After Creation?

Like many other dating websites, Adam4Adam also allows you to change the information displayed on your profile. Changing your personal information, however, varies depending on the way that you log in the website.

If you use the desktop version of the website, follow the following steps;

  • Log in your account,
  • Find the “My Account” section,
  • In the black bar menu, find and click on the “Edit Profile” button,
  • Make the necessary changes and click on Update.

If you log in via mobile version, follow the following instructions;

  • Log in your account and tap,
  • On the left side of your profile, you will see the Edit button,
  • Change the information that you want and save it afterward.

Communication Methods

Unlike many other similar gay dating websites, Adam4Adam offers its communication features entirely enough for the users regardless of their membership. It also offers several useful searching filters. You may use more specific filters, if you know what you want to find, or use too general ones, if you like getting surprised. If you are a free user, you have a chance to save at least three search settings. If you want more, you have to upgrade your account to the premium one.

Although communication is free for everyone on Adam4Adam, there are some limitations to the free members. Free users may not save inactive conversations for more than ten days. This means that after ten days of inactiveness, the messages will be entirely deleted from the profile database. At the same time, the premium users may keep them up to 30 days. Moreover, the free users have a limit on keeping both active and inactive conversations as well. They may be saved only 20 conversations, yet, the VIP users have access to 200 and more conversations.

Can I Delete a Sent Message?

Adam4Adam does not provide an option to delete a sent message. In other words, to avoid unpleasant situations, you should be careful while sending a message, since the website does not offer an option to delete a message.

Can I Know Who is Online?

Adam4Adam allows you to see who is online at that moment. Next to the profile picture, you may see an icon with a green color if the user is online and orange if the user is offline. Moreover, you may see when the user has been active on the website. The time stated next to colored icons show when the user was active last time.

Can I Share a Contact on Adam4Adam?

To ensure your safety on Adam4Adam, the website does not encourage you to share any personal contact with other users. Do not do it unless you are one hundred percent sure that the person is reliable. There have been several cases when scammers used the website for various unpleasant intentions. Even murder cases were reported when the person fell in a trap of fake profiles. Adam4Adam provides all the necessary communication tools to make your interaction with other users more exciting and convenient. You may use those ways to get to know the person better, make sure that he is a reliable one, and then you may initiate a dating outside the website’s framework.

Free and Premium Membership

Adam4Adam, like other dating platforms, offers both free and premium membership. Although the website claims that almost all the features are available for everyone regardless of the membership, there are some limitations for the free members. Most of the features are available due to the donations and advertisements. The website gets enough amount of money from porno movies and companies offering drugs that enhance the erection. You may purchase the premium membership through a credit card. There is no need to worry about your financial security since the website well protects it. Your subscription is auto-renewed unless you change the settings. Make sure to cancel the subscription beforehand to avoid unwilling billings. The price of the premium membership is average compared with other transsexual dating websites.

Duration Cost Total
VIP Access
1 Month 6.67 USD / Month 6.67 USD
1 Month 20.00 USD / Month 20.00 USD

Is Adam4Adam Free Website?

Although most of the features of Adam4Adam are available for the users regardless of the membership, some features still require premium membership. Here are the features that free and premium membership offers.

Free membership Premium Membership
Creating a profile Making friends without limits
Searching other users Blocking people without limits
Sending messages Getting rid of annoying ads on the website
Receiving and reading messages Getting profile approval
Saving up to 20 conversations Saving 10 searches
Sending up to 40 conversations Saving up to 200 conversations
Finding and posting events Sending up to 200 messages
Editing an account Advertising your services (ProAd)

Can I See Who Liked My Profile Being a Free Member?

Adam4Adam provides you a chance to see who liked your posts. You will get a notification on your profile when someone likes your profile.

Is Adam4Adam Premium Membership Expensive?

Compared with other similar transsexual dating websites, the cost of Adam4Adam premium membership is average. You may get along on the website without the premium membership, but you will encounter some restrictions connected with the making friends, sending messages, and so on. Moreover, it offers only 1-month premium subscription plans, which are auto-renewed. If you do not want to continue the premium membership, make sure to cancel it 48 hours early; otherwise, the bill will be deducted from your credit card.

Does Adam4Adam Offer a Premium Membership?

Although most of the Adam4Adam features are free of charge, to get full access to the website’s all the potential, you should upgrade your account to the premium one. The premium membership is not so expensive, and you may purchase it paying through credit card.

The Process of Canceling Your Premium Membership on Adam4Adam

If you have decided to quit using the Adam4Adam website’s premium membership, make sure to cancel the subscription until the new billing is done. If you cancel the premium membership, before the limit is over, you may still enjoy the website’s advantages until it is expired.

To cancel your premium subscription, follow these steps;

  • Sign in your Adam4Adam account.
  • Find the blue VIP ACCESS button on the top of the website’s homepage.
  • Find the auto-bill box next to the blue “Upgrade” button, and unclick it.
  • Click on the Upgrade button.
  • Confirm your choice.

Customer Support Team

The devoted Customer Support team of Adam4Adam is available 24/7. If you have some queries connected with the website’s specific features, you are always welcome to apply to the Customer Support Service.

Here you may find the contact information of the Adam4Adam website in case you need it.

  • Company: A4A Network Inc.
  • Address: 1800-500 Place d’Armes, Montréal (Québec), H2Y 2W2, Canada
  • E-Mail: support@adam4adam.com


Adam4Adam is one of the leading dating websites that cater to the gay singles and helping them find an optimal partner. You may use the featured partner recommendations that the website offers, or use the various search filters to find a partner on your own. The easy of the registration, the user-friendly interface has attracted millions of gay singles to join the website. Currently, the website claims to have over 10 million users worldwide. Moreover, it does not have a specific demographic orientation and welcomes anyone regardless of ethical and racial background. More than half of the members are non-white users, which means that Adam4Adam is one of the biggest multi-racial website. The website offers all its features entirely free of charge; however, you have to upgrade your account to the premium one to have access to the full package. There are many annoying advertisements on the website’s homepage, and if you do not see them, you need to have a premium membership. Despite the drawbacks of the security measurements, Adam4Adam does its best to protect the users’ safety. Your information is well-protected unless you share it with third parties. In brief, if you are looking for an encounter or hookup with gay singles, you are encouraged to join Adam4Adam as one of the biggest gay dating website.

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