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Apex Review For 2022: A Mysterious Disappearance?

Apex Review For 2022: A Mysterious Disappearance?
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Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 21-35
Profiles 4 896 856
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple and user-friendly interface and practical but elegant design.
  • A fun and exciting rating game in which you choose one member over the other.
  • The app format allows for quick and efficient contact with your matches on the go.
  • The matching algorithm connects you with people closest to your location first.
  • No desktop or mobile version available for those who don't want to download the app.
  • There are virtually no user reviews to prove real customer experience.
  • The app is currently not available for download from either Play Google, or App Store.

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Tired of Tinder and overly complicated dating sites? Let us tell you about Apex – a dating app with a fun and creative approach to connecting local singles. As you will find out from our Apex review, it is a simple dating platform that you can use to rate and connect with hot individuals in your area for romance, casual dating, or hookups.

App Design And User Experience

App Design And User Experience

Today, many dating websites and apps are available for quick and casual contact with your local singles. As such, you must be wondering: what is the most important factor when choosing a dating service? Let us start our Apex review by going over the design and usability characteristics of the platform. We strongly believe that online dating cannot be seamless and fun if the technical side of things is of low quality. The site’s interface, layout, design, and accessibility of features all play a role in making your online dating experience fun instead of frustrating.

As Apex operates on the app and currently has no desktop or mobile website version to speak of, we can fully focus our attention on the mobile application. At first glance, the app looks simple and practical. All sections are clearly marked and balanced on the screen. There is no unnecessary crowding of information. The app allows for a sufficient amount of negative space while managing to fit all the necessary elements on each page. As a result, the app is easy and smooth in navigation. As for the app design, Apex uses a simple two-color scheme that is both functional and elegant, as well as pleasant to the users’ eye.

The fact that there is no Apex website is not as surprising or as critical for the brand as you might think. As a casual dating and hookup service, Apex focuses on the needs of an audience that is used to mobile interactions and dating on the go. Therefore, it’s definitely not essential to maintain a website for desktop users. At the same time, it limits members’ choices and reduces the brand’s reach.

Interesting Features Of The App

Interesting Features Of The App

One feature you are, without a doubt, going to love is the Apex rating game. We are all familiar with the way most hookup apps works these days. You browse through your match suggestions, swipe right or left, or simply tap on the “Like” or “X” sign. It doesn’t get any more simple than that. However, Apex takes this fun and easy game another step further and spices things up. Instead of rating one member’s looks, you get to rate someone against someone else. In other words, Apex offers two profiles of the same gender and asks you to rate who you find more attractive between the two. As a result of such ratings, members chosen over other members receive a profile boost and appear more often in other users’ suggestions.

Apex Dating: Mobile Access Only?

Apex Dating: Mobile Access Only?

If you’re an online dating veteran, you must have come across the issue of not having a suitable mobile version of your favorite dating platform. To keep in touch with your matches and search for new hot singles in the area, you must stay near your computer or laptop at all times. Most transsexual dating websites offer mobile versions that you can access from your mobile browser on the phone. This way, it is slightly more convenient to use the service, although expect the quality of your experience to become lower. Most mobile versions of dating websites have lower functionality, and the regular features can be either unavailable or much slower compared to the regular desktop experience. Of course, it is better if an official app of good quality is also available, although many online dating brands offer basic or subpar quality mobile apps. However, how about a completely different situation?

As we’ve mentioned above, there is no Apex website as of today. The brand decided to focus its operations on mobile platforms, which we can easily consider a smart strategical decision. We’ve learned from the popularity of such apps like Tinder, that most users who look for either romance, dating, or hookups typically prefer the app format. The reason is simple enough to guess as the mobile app is generally much more convenient for friendly interaction and dating than a desktop website version. As it is, Apex doesn’t even have a mobile website alternative to offer instead of the app. Therefore, the only way to use the dating platform is to download and use the app.

About Your Safety On The Platform

About Your Safety On The Platform

Like most reputable dating sites, Apex recognizes the importance of your safety and implements standard data protection measures and fraud prevention on the platform. Firstly, the platform asks you to verify your email upon registration. It doesn’t post publicly any of your sensitive data such as email, exact location, etc. Apart from that, you will find that several features on the app make the task of checking if someone’s honest all the more easier. For example, the Apex video chat feature allows you to make sure that the person you’ve been talking to and plan to meet soon is the same on their picture and video call. A video date is a great way to get additional insight into the person’s mind and personality instead of basing your impressions on their photos and text messages.

Starting Your Apex Dating Experience

Now we’re getting to the practical part of who you can sign up for an Apex account. We know, registration can be a long and boring process that you typically want to avoid. However, like with most dating sites and apps, using Apex requires to become a registered member on the platform. The good news is, though – you don’t have to spend a long time answering endless questions and filling out every little detail about yourself. Instead, the sign-up on Apex is quick and simple, and only needs basic info from you. As soon as you download and open the app, it will offer to log in or sign up for a new account. One thing you cannot avoid, of course, is providing your email address, gender, and gender preferences for your preferred match. Apart from that, you will have to create an original username that will highlight your best features and help you attract more attention from singles. Finally, as we’ve mentioned in our Apex review, the app aims to connect local singles first. This means that the app will definitely need your location to help you find more available in your area.

Now that you’re passed the registration’s initial steps, you can fill out your profile with basic information about yourself. This is not mandatory, like on some other dating platforms, although we recommend making your profile look as complete as possible. The reason is that a full profile is more likely to spark the interest of your potential matches. Additionally, Apex will ask you questions that you can freely answer without reservations. Your responses will not appear on your profile. Instead, they will help the app’s matching algorithm narrow down your matches and suggest only the most suitable candidates. Finally, there is one more thing that you absolutely need to do before you start browsing through your matches and striking up your first flirty conversations. Upload a profile picture of good quality and several additional photos to showcase your appearance and personality. Remember that members with photos always get more attention than those without them.

Editing Your Profile? Easy!

Editing Your Profile? Easy!

Changing your profile information on Apex is no rocket science. Although there are details that you can’t change once you provide them upon registration, it is completely up to you if and when you want to update any of your profile sections’ info. Among the things that you won’t be able to change is, of course, your date of birth, username, email, and some other essential details. Anything else, including your short introduction, preferences in your matches’ appearance, and personality, is available to edit.

Messaging Your Hot Local Matches

There’s hardly anything more important on a dating platform than the messaging feature. We come to dating sites for quality interaction with like-minded people. Most people realize that a great profile photo and hot appearance are not enough in most situations. You need to bring more to the table, and how else to do it if not by chatting? Apex offers a standard messaging feature that allows users of the app to exchange text messages. Normally, you will find a profile you’re interested in, like their photo, and wait for their reaction to continue communication. However, you don’t necessarily need to wait for your interest to be returned on Apex. The app allows you to text other members without waiting for them to like you back and complete the match. There is also bad news – like many other dating brands, Apex decided to limit access to messaging for free members. Continue reading our Apex review to learn about the exact limits and the price you have to pay for a full experience.

When Words Fail: How To Delete A Sent Message?

Chatting with your matches can be pretty exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You may feel like going back one step and deleting a sent message. However, is it possible on Apex? Unfortunately, the app doesn’t give you an option to delete a message that you have already sent. Although Apex’s messaging feature is pretty advanced, it doesn’t quite give you the same flexibility as some other messengers can.

Looking For Matches: How To See Who’s Available To Chat Right Now?

Looking For Matches: How To See Who's Available To Chat Right Now?

Many dating sites offer you different interesting features that make your dating experience more fun and entertaining. In fact, there are fan-favorite features that you will see on many different platforms. These include rating and hot-or-not games, similar to the Apex game itself, options to see who views or likes your profile, an option to stay invisible on the website, etc. An undeniably useful feature is when you can see whether the member is online or browse through online members in the search. A this time, it is not clear whether Apex has such functions or not. Typically, you will see the online status icon on the member’s profile picture or near their username on their profile. As for the option to search for matches among online users, it doesn’t seem that the app has this feature.

On Sharing Personal Data With Other Members

Signing up for an account on a dating platform always requires leaving some personal information such as personal photos, date of birth, gender, sexuality, etc. However, you are bound to find one piece of advice in most Apex reviews and reviews for other dating sites. Be extremely careful when sharing any personal data on a dating website or app. Most members look for casually dates and hookups on Apex, which means that you are more likely to share your contact info such as phone number or even exact location with your matches. However, always make sure that you can trust a person before giving these details away. Always plan the first meetings in public places with many people around, and inform your friends or family of your whereabouts. Apex never posts your exact location and other contact info for others to see. Which is why your safety is in your own hands primarily.

Apex In-App Purchases

Apex In-App Purchases

The only in-app purchases you can make on Apex are the Apex Coins. Coins are the app’s currency, which you can use to pay for Premium features.

Service Price
20 Apex Coins 2.49 USD
200 Apex Coins 19.99 USD
1000 Apex Coins 79.99 USD
4000 Apex Coins 249 USD
10000 Apex Coins 499 USD
20000 Apex Coins 689 USD

Using The App Without Paying: A Lost Cause?

Using The App Without Paying: A Lost Cause?

This may come as no surprise, but Apex is not, in fact, completely free. While you can use many features on the app for free, there’s definitely a price to pay for a full experience. In fact, one feature you can absolutely not do without is the ability to message other Apex members. To send messages, you need to use coins, mentioned earlier in our Apex review. Although you can read what other users write to you, isn’t it essential that you can reply, too? Otherwise, free membership on the app allows you plenty of things to do. You can search for matches unlimited, compare and rate users in the Apex game, browse through profiles, and like the ones that catch your interest. Additionally, you can search for people within your location. All in all, these options give you plenty of opportunities to see what the Apex membership base is like and how many potential matches you have in your area.

Getting To Know Your Apex Admirers

Although free membership does limit your chances of proper communication with your matches, most other features are readily available to you at all times. As such, if someone likes your profile or chooses you over your competition in the Apex game, you can definitely see who it is and react. The people who liked you are listed as Admirers on the app, and if you choose to like them back, the two of you become a match.

Apex Costs: Worth It Or A Rip-Off?

There’s one thing you may be wondering by now: is this dating app worth the money? Based on what we know about Apex, it is worth it to try the app for casual dating. The cost of the Premium features is a little above average if you take into consideration that every message costs you coins. However, before you purchase the coins, you have plenty of opportunities to check the app out, browse through member profiles, and form matches with members in your area. Then you can decide if it is worth continuing your dating experience on the app. Besides, Apex has a surprising and exciting feature, which we are yet to tell you about! In fact, you can earn coins by performing various tasks on the app specified in the Contests section. Moreover, earning coins is also possible when other members choose your profile in the Apex rating game. At the end of the day, you can even exchange your coins for real money.

Apex Premium: Forget About Membership Plans

As already mentioned in this Apex review, the app does have several Premium features. These include messaging other members and sending them gifts. The interesting thing is that Apex doesn’t offer access to its Premium features through a membership plan. Instead, you can purchase coins and use them as a currency to ‘buy’ other options on the app. Much like you would in a game, right? The reason to appreciate this method is that you can pay only when you’re using the app extensively. So many of us buy a subscription plan and proceed to only use the service several times a month. With Apex, you can spend more wisely, and you don’t have to deal with automatic membership renewals either.

Withdrawing Your Support for Apex Dating App

Withdrawing Your Support for Apex Dating App

Continuing the previous section of our Apex review, you don’t have to buy a monthly membership plan with this app. Instead, you can buy coin packs in single purchases whenever you decide to do so. You can use Apex Premium features as long as you have coins in your in-app balance. When they end, you will just have to decide whether you need or want to buy more.

Customer Service

Many users don’t realize that the administration has already answered the most common questions about using the dating platform in the Help or FAQ section. That is why we always recommend checking these sections on dating sites for basic advice on website navigation. However, if any issues with communication, payments, or suspected scam arise, you might want to contact customer support. With Apex, you can do so directly in the app through a specified contact form, or by other means such as email or phone. Currently, no means of contacting Apex are available. With the app down for some reason, you will not be able to reach their customer support at this time.

As of lately, the Apex dating app disappeared completely from the online app stores. The app’s page is not available either in Google Play or App Store. Users who already had their app downloaded may continue using the service as before or experience issues with access to their accounts. We couldn’t find any explanation from Apex or any user reviews since the app went down, which is definitely a mystery. Given that the brand has fee-based services and has been around for long enough to gather a good membership base, it is particularly surprising that Apex’s disappearance has no comments or mentions.

Final Verdict

As you can see, the Apex dating app is a little bit different from the regular dating platforms. Although it mostly uses similar standard features, the brand offers just a little extra. We’re sure you would like to test their rating game and vote for one hot member over the other. Besides, the easy way Apex connects you with local singles and its efficient messaging feature are also worth checking out. Unfortunately, at this time, the app is unavailable for unknown reasons. We hope that this is only temporary, and the app will come back with even more quality features to offer. Look out for any Apex website and app updates and, meanwhile, use alternative dating sites for casual dating, hookups, and romance.

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