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AshleyMadison.com Review For 2022 – What Is This Online Service About?

AshleyMadison.com Review For 2022 – What Is This Online Service About?
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Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • AshleyMadison.com obtains a modern design.
  • There are extensive safety features.
  • It has millions of users around the world.
  • The atmosphere in the dating platform is non-judgmental.
  • There is a mobile application for both iOS and Android.
  • AshleyMadison.com is free for female users.
  • It lacks a matching algorithm.
  • The AshleyMadison.com dating website does not offer a monthly subscription.
  • Search options are limited.

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AshleyMadison.com is not an ordinary dating platform. The online service was founded in 2001 for people who are married or are in relationships, but they want to find someone for discreet extramarital relationships. Until these days, it aims to create an environment where nobody will judge you for an affair. This fact makes the dating platform from other typical dating sites.

Although the online service has been on the market for around 20 years so far, and cheating online is the same, the platform adjusted well to the altering interests of the industry. The AshleyMadison.com website caters to a broader audience, including people who are interested in polygamous, monogamous, open relationships, and more. Due to its approach to the online dating business, this dating platform has become well-known and widely used in different parts of the world.

In 2015, the AshleyMadison.com dating website was involved in a scandal that was publicized in the media. The thing is that its user database was hacked. As a result, all personal information was released to the public. However, the online dating service has managed to rebuild its new image. The thing is that AshleyMadison.com has successfully addressed security concerns and developed the protection. As a result, the dating website created a safer and more secure environment for its customers.

Currently, the online dating service has millions of members around the world, but the bigger part of the audience comes from the United States, Brazil, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Consequently, AshleyMadison.com obtains a diverse audience, which is extremely active. It means that you are highly likely to find a perfect match.

However, it is crucial to figure out as much as possible about a dating platform before getting registered. If you do that, you will avoid probable misunderstanding and disappointment. Hence, this AshleyMadison.com review should help you to get what this online service is about.

A Few Words About The Website Design

According to the AshleyMadison.com reviews, the design and layout are quite simple and easy to navigate. The interface is user-friendly, so people of different ages can easily and quickly figure things out. Hence, there is nothing surprising that you can meet members of different ages on the dating platform.

There is a menu bar where you can find all the available features and relevant pages. Thanks to this, the members of the AshleyMadison.com community only need to look at the menu bar when they want to do something or visit a page. At the same time, its placement seems to be inconvenient because most dating websites list the available option on the top part, and the menu bar on the AshleyMadison.com website is halfway the page. The dating platform is easy on the eye when it comes to comfort. There is white as the primary color, and it makes use of pink to highlight essential details.

Does The Online Service Offer Special Features?

Does The Online Service Offer Special Features?

This online dating service is rather basic; consequently, there are not so many special features that are unique. Despite that, AshleyMadison.com contributes to offer services that are handy in finding a match. Thus, you can access the following special features:

Favorites List

The dating platform allows its members to curate a list of their favorite profiles. Every user is free to add no more than 100 profiles to the list. All members, regardless of their membership type, can access this feature so that they could remember those who caught their eye.

Discreet Photos

If you are willing to keep your identity private on the AshleyMadison.com dating website, you can make use of the privilege to add a discreet picture. When you upload a photo, you can choose to blur it or add a face mask and sensor. This is how you can protect the identity of yours. As soon as you meet a user you like, you can provide this person with the key to access the clear version of your pictures.

Send Wink

The aim of sending a wink is to let someone know that you are interested in him or her. It is possible to find this AshleyMadison.com function on the profile page of the member you like. Hence, you can find a smiley face with a label saying “Send Wink” under his or her profile photo.


It happens to be a special feature that is helpful for people who travel a lot. The special feature allows sending messages to almost 30 users who live in the area you are traveling to, so you can get to know them better before you arrive.

Priority Man

Thanks to this feature, members can get a profile boost, and it is available to paying users. The AshleyMadison.com function lets a profile stand out in the user`s page; consequently, the profile can appear differently on different search pages.

Message Plus

It lets members send messages and communicate with anyone you have interacted with before. It is possible to get this AshleyMadison.com feature as a trial for free when you purchase a credit package. This trial expires after one month, and when it ends, the online service will ask you to pay for the function if you are willing to keep on using it.

Is There A AshleyMadison.com Mobile Application?

Just like many other traditional dating sites, this online service offers a mobile app. The good part is that it is available in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. When you install it, you will see that it is similar to the desktop version and has all the important features. Another great news is that the mobile application will not take up a lot of space on your mobile device memory.

If you often use apps, you know that you must process purchasing credits through your Google Play account or iTunes. The AshleyMadison.com mobile application is well-designed and has an icon that you can hide easily. The app also provides users with an easier way to like other members` profiles thanks to its swipe feature. If you want to find someone to meet quickly, the AshleyMadison.com mobile application will let you find users nearby and know who is checking you out.

Is The AshleyMadison.com Online Service Safe To Use Now?

Is The AshleyMadison.com Online Service Safe To Use Now?

As mentioned above, the AshleyMadison.com dating platform lost trust after the hacking incident. Some of the affected customers were claimed to be traumatized and asked for help from legal parties. Thus, the dating website had to undergo several measures, such as rebranding of the services image to regain its users confidence. The fact that the dating website did not even attempt to sanitize or mask the incident off the AshleyMadison.com image is commendable. Below, you can find more information about the measures the online dating service had to put in security features:

Updated Security Program

The dating website settled with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to apply a comprehensive data security program. It involves a third-party company, and it does the assessments. Thanks to this security program, there should be no similar incidents in the future.

Two-Factor Authentication Feature

According to the AshleyMadison.com review, it has added one more layer of security on the user registration process. It is a two-factor authentication function that is added beyond the username and password. Thanks to this protection, the online platform will understand whether it is really the members who are trying to log in to the service. Currently, customers must enter some information or answer security questions so that hackers would not bypass the registration gates easily.

Bug Bounty Program

Website vulnerabilities do not only occur with the AshleyMadison.com dating platform. The thing is that it is a common problem for the majority of online dating services, so all of them try to solve the issue. Thus, AshleyMadison.com applied its own bug bounty program to identify these problem areas before hackers can access them. Moreover, customers who help to point these vulnerabilities are compensated by the dating service. Such programs are applied by large companies like Google, Facebook, and Reddit, and they happen to be effective when it comes to boosting security.

Following strict Cybersecurity Standards

The online dating service is aligned with the NIST cybersecurity standards. The AshleyMadison.com website gained the “Privacy by Design Certification” from Ryerson University in 2017.

How To Get Registered

How To Get Registered

As the AshleyMadison.com reviews have shown, the registration process is straightforward, so everyone can manage. New members do not need to submit a lot of personal details, which is obvious due to the services nature. The thing is that people are looking for extramarital relationships here. At the same time, it is compulsory to specify ones current relationship status, along with general data, such as ethnicity, height, limits, etc. Consider that the personal information that you provide while getting registered will be visible on your AshleyMadison.com profile.

The signup process is also convenient and chargeless, so it will take just a few minutes. The dating website also requires uploading a profile picture. The good part is that you can make some simple edits on the photo you want to add. For instance, you can blur your picture out, or you can add masks to cover some parts of the face. That is how the AshleyMadison.com online service keeps its customers safe and anonymous.

If you are looking for an informative profile, you may not find any on this online dating service. The thing is that members are rather reserved due to the nature of the platform. Thus, the AshleyMadison.com dating website will not require providing your real name, but you will need to create a unique username. Overall, your profile is going to include the most basic details, such as location, age, gender, zodiac sign, and more information regarding what kind of relationships you are willing to find and what things make you excited.

If you come across an attractive profile, you can freely visit it to learn more about the person. Standard members can also browse through the user database and view them. To sum it up, the profiles are not detailed, but they contain all the information that is necessary for a hookup.

Is It Possible To Change the Information On A AshleyMadison.com Profile?

It is possible to manage your essential account details, including your email, username, and password. It is great news because some traditional dating sites do not allow their users to do that. When it comes to AshleyMadison.com, you can edit your profile from the Account information page when utilizing the Android or iOS application. It is also possible to do that from the Edit profile page on the desktop version.

Available Communication Options

Available Communication Options

According to the AshleyMadison.com review, female members do not need to pay anything to make connections and start conversations. However, male users need to pay for credits to access these functions. The dating website obtains the essential features for customers to interact with each other, and they include a chat feature.

All members of the AshleyMadison.com community can create a favorites list free of charge. Each user is allowed to add up to 100 profiles and is able to manually add or remove others at any time. Another thing that customers can do is sending winks, and the aim is to show a member that you are interested in him or her. When sending winks, the AshleyMadison.com users can attach a private showcase key, which will let these people to their pictures with no masks and fuzz. In addition to that, customers can send virtual gifts to others, but this feature is only available to premium members. These gifts cost credits, and they can have different costs.

Is It Possible To Delete A Sent Email?

When using some online dating services, you can delete an email you sent. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not possible when using the AshleyMadison.com dating website. If you still want to learn more about it, you can contact customer service.

Can Users See Who Is Online?

Just like most other dating websites, AshleyMadison.com allows its users to know who is online. Moreover, the number of members who are currently online is visible right on the homepage. This information should help you to send those people who will reply at once.

How Do Users Share Their Contact Details Over AshleyMadison.com?

While some other dating sites allow their users to add contact information to their profiles, it will never happen on this dating platform. It is obvious due to the nature of this online service. At the same time, members are free to send their contact details to others if they are willing to communicate and meet.

How Much Does The AshleyMadison.com Service Cost?

How Much Does The AshleyMadison.com Service Cost?

Most online dating services provide their standard members with a very basic set of features, while the rest of the functions are available only if they pay for a premium plan. The same is true for the AshleyMadison.com dating website. However, the female members of the community can use all the available features free of charge. Note that they can do that only if they are looking for males because others (women looking for women, men seeking women, men seeking men, etc.) must buy credits to interact with each other.

AshleyMadison.com Features Available To Free Members

If you are a standard member of the AshleyMadison.com community, you can do the following:

  • You can create an account and complete a profile;
  • You can like and view members` profiles;
  • You can add others to your Favorites list;
  • You can access advanced search filters;
  • You can send winks to show interest;
  • You can make use of a discreet photo feature.

Can Standard Members See Who Liked Them On AshleyMadison.com?

Some dating websites provide their standard members with a very limited number of features. In fact, some of them let them do nothing except for getting registered until they pay for a premium plan. According to the AshleyMadison.com review, this dating website offers more features to its free users, and the ability to see who liked them is one of such functions.

Is AshleyMadison.com Costly?

As mentioned before, the AshleyMadison.com website does not offer a monthly premium subscription because there are credits that members purchase in packages. There are three different packages, and they are the Basic, Classic, and Elite ones. The Basic package costs 0.59 dollars per credit, which is 59 dollars in total. If you opt for the Classic one, you will pay 0.34 dollars per credit, so the total amount is 169 dollars. The Elite package costs 0.29 dollars per credit; consequently, you will pay 289 dollars in total. To sum it up, the prices on the AshleyMadison.com online dating service are average, so most people can afford it. The available payment options are:

  • Direct Debit;
  • Credit cards;
  • PayPal.

AshleyMadison.com Features Available To Premium Members

If you decide to become a premium user on the AshleyMadison.com dating platform, you will access the following:

  • You can send virtual gifts;
  • You can open and collect emails;
  • You can boost profile;
  • You can initiate chats;
  • You can send personalized messages to others;
  • You can make use of the Travel Man feature.
Can Users Cancel Their AshleyMadison.com Membership?

Can Users Cancel Their AshleyMadison.com Membership?

If you are willing to cancel a AshleyMadison.com subscription, you need to open the “Manage Subscriptions” page and select the package that you want to get canceled. Consider that canceling a subscription prior to its renewal date is not going to entitle you to a refund. The thing is that it will just prevent the subscription from automatically renewing. It is possible to keep on using a canceled AshleyMadison.com subscription until it expires.

Does The Online Service Offer Customer Support?

According to the AshleyMadison.com reviews, the online service is easy to use, so most people do not need to contact customer support to enjoy their private and secret affair. Meanwhile, there is an extensive FAQ section that you can look through to find an answer to your question. It contains information on the most common requests. In addition to that, members can call or send an email to customer support if they have a specific case.


Overall, AshleyMadison.com is a worthy dating website due to several reasons. The online service has helped numerous people to find affairs. It is also one of the most reliable and safest dating platforms in the industry. It was involved in a scandal, so it had to work hard to create a safe environment for its customers, and it has succeeded in it. The thing is that all the personal and financial data is kept safe on this dating website. Moreover, there are almost no fake profiles, which makes its users feel confident when dating online.

In addition to that, the AshleyMadison.com interface is extremely user-friendly; consequently, it is suitable for people of all ages. Even if users have any difficulties, they can always use the FAQ section to find answers or contact customer support. The prices are average, and female members can use the dating platform free of charge if they are looking for males, which makes it quite different from dating sites. To sum it up, AshleyMadison.com has managed to become one of the safest dating platforms you can find, and it makes it a worthy one.

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