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Badoo Review 2022: Most Popular Social Networking Platform

Badoo Review 2022: Most Popular Social Networking Platform
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 98%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 8 956 985
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 10
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Availability of Badoo mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • 3-day free premium trial for female users
  • Affordable premium membership prices
  • Availability of a massive, half-a-billion-member base
  • Strict email photo and profile verification procedures
  • Interactive customer support team
  • The majority of Badoo features are paid
  • Limited free messaging for standard users
  • Users profiles aren’t very informative
  • Difference of features between the Badoo website and app

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Badoo is a mixture of a social media platform and an online dating website. More exactly, it’s a social networking platform where people can make new friends, chat, and date. The platform is available both as a website and a mobile application. Founded in 2006 by a successful Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev, Badoo is currently one of the largest and most popular platforms among straight, gay, lesbian, and transsexual dating sites and networking platforms. Though the website was created in 2006, and the app was launched in 2010 only, nowadays, Badoo has over 485 million users globally.

Attractive Design, Clean Layouts And Easy Navigation

Attractive Design, Clean Layouts And Easy Navigation

Users mention in their Badoo reviews that they can find many similarities between Badoo and other social media platforms. For example, like Facebook, the white and blue colors are dominating in Badoo as well. But Badoo is more colorful than Facebook. For example, it uses green, violet, and yellow icons. The buttons of liking or skipping photos are pink and grey. The green icon shows that users are online. The light blue checkmark indicates the verified status.

The menu is located on the left side of your screen. From here, you can access all the sections and pages – Encounters, People Nearby, Matched, Liked you, etc. The platform has many features, but thanks to their logical organization, everything is at hand.

Overall, the Badoo website is user-friendly. Usually, it takes only a few minutes to explore the platform, understand how it works and start using it.

Special Features Typical To The Hybrid Of Social Networking And Dating Platform

Special Features Typical To The Hybrid Of Social Networking And Dating Platform

Since Badoo is a mixture of social networking and online dating platforms, it has unique features that make it an excellent website.

Encounters is the core feature of the platform. Why? Because it’s the central matchmaking system that connects people. The function looks more like a game. Users are shown photos of people chosen by the Badoo matchmaking system based on your preferences. If you like the person in the picture and would like to chat, click the “heart” icon. If you don’t like the photo, select the “X” variant to skip it and move to the next person.

If you meet a person whose appearance is perfect for you, use the “Lookalikes” function to search for people whose appearance resembles your ideal type.

Though sending real gifts isn’t possible yet, but the Badoo website allows sending virtual gifts. Use your credit points to purchase a present and sent it to the person you admire.

Availability Of Badoo App For iOS And Android Devices

Availability Of Badoo App For iOS And Android Devices

Badoo has mobile applications designed for iOS and Android devices. The reason why Badoo has invested in the development of mobile applications is that the company understands that in the 21st century, the majority of people are on phones. No matter where they are, at home, at the workplace, on the bus, in the car, or just in the streets, people want to have access to their account, check their inbox, reply to messages, etc. That’s why the availability of a mobile application is a must nowadays.

The design of the Badoo mobile app is attractive, elegant, and modern. You can notice the similarities between the Badoo website and the app. But the application is the more compact and organized variant of the platform.

The Badoo dating app was developed by Badoo Software Ltd and launched in 2010. Since then, developers of the app have been continually improving the quality, design, and performance of the app.

Users love Badoo social networking and dating app. The proof of it is over 100 million downloads of the software from the Google Play Market. More than 5 million people have left Badoo reviews on the Play Market by rating the app as an average 4.1-star product. The picture is a little bit brighter on the Apple App Store. The app has 4.7 stars there.

Security Measures And Procedures Implemented By Badoo

Security Measures And Procedures Implemented By Badoo

Badoo profiles don’t contain much personal information compared to other online dating platforms. However, users always want to make sure that the platform takes the security of its customers’ information seriously. As a critical stage in ensuring data security, Badoo implements procedures for discovering and removing fake profiles. For example, all uses have to verify their email address; otherwise, their accounts will stay inactive. This measure is necessary for prohibiting the registration of users with random invalid email IDs.

Next, users have to go through photo and profile verifications. Badoo has a strict anti-fake policy. For making sure that the person in the photo is you, you have to go through the picture verification procedure and earn the blue icon indicating the genuineness of your image. For verifying your account, you have to either provide your phone number or link your Badoo account to another social media account.

Detailed Instruction of Signing Up On The Website

Detailed Instruction of Signing Up On The Website

Badoo offers a large variety of options for creating an account. Except for the standard registration form, users can also register via their social media and email accounts. If you already have an existing profile on Facebook, Vkontakte, MSN, and Odnoklassniki, you have to log in to your account and allow the Badoo system to receive your personal information. The procedure of signing up with an email ID is the same. You should access your Google, Mail.ru, and Yandex accounts from where the Badoo website will extract your data and insert it automatically into the required fields. As a result, your Badoo account will be ready within a few seconds.

However, if you prefer to go through the traditional registration procedure, you should fill in every field of the registration form manually. First of all, type your first name. Then, choose the day, month, and year of your birthday from the dropdown. Fill out the information regarding your location, i.e., country and city, and gender – male, female. Moving forward, enter your email address or phone number and set a password that should contain at least five characters. Before clicking “Sign Up,” read the “Terms and Conditions,” and “Privacy Policy” pages and then click the button for confirming your registration.

However, you aren’t done yet. Moving ahead, Badoo asks you to upload at least one picture. You can either drag and drop it from your computer or import them from your existing Facebook, Vkontakte, and Instagram accounts. Many users mention in their Badoo reviews that though photos play a significant role in account verification, there must be an option of skipping uploading pictures upon registration. Currently, it’s mandatory.

After providing at least one profile picture, the Badoo website will send an activation email to you. Go to your mailbox, and click the “Complete your registration” button to verify your email address and activate your Badoo account.

How Can Users’ Personal Information Be Edited On Badoo Profiles?

How Can Users’ Personal Information Be Edited On Badoo Profiles?

Undoubtedly, users don’t fill out all their personal information in the Badoo registration form. For making the process faster, the system requires only the most necessary data, but later, you can complete your profile or change the data entered upon registration.

For editing your profile information, click your avatar located on the upper left-hand side of your screen. Your photos occupy the upper part of your profile page. Below it, the system shows your account status – your popularity rate, number of credits, and membership type.

The profile completion statistics show the percentage of provided information. If you want to increase this rate, you should start by providing information on your education level, job title, and the company name where you work. Next, edit the “I’m here to” fields to specify the purpose of joining the Badoo website – make new friends, chat, or date. Moving ahead, don’t forget to tell people about your hobbies and interests, the dishes you like, your favorite songs, movies, sports, etc.

The “Personal Info” section is the most comprehensive one. By clicking the edit button, you can change the information of fields such as relationship, sexuality, height, weight, body type, eye color, hair color, who you live with, availability of children, smoking/drinking habits. Besides, it would be best if you also wrote a brief introductory paragraph about yourself.

Messaging And Options Of Making Contact

Messaging And Options Of Making Contact

Among the crowd of straight, gay, lesbian, and transsexual dating sites, Badoo is a unique platform where messaging is available for both standard and premium users. The only mandatory condition is the availability of at least one profile picture. Once you have, you can freely communicate with other Badoo members.

However, messaging is limited between users who aren’t mutual matches. It means that if you heart someone’s photo and they don’t heart your pictures back, you can send them only two messages. For further communication, they should either like your photo or reply to your messages.

If you use the platform on your phone via the app, you’ll get a push-up notification once you receive a message. In the case of using the web version on your laptop, you can get notifications on the browser or via email.

If there is someone you’re particularly interested in but don’t want to message immediately, you can save their profiles in your favorites list and contact at a more convenient time. On the other hand, if someone bothers you, says something inappropriate, you can block their account, and they won’t be able to visit your profile, view your photos or make any other contact.

How Can Sent Messages Be Deleted?

Many users express their dissatisfaction in Badoo reviews since the platform doesn’t allow deleting individual messaging. It means that once you send a message, it gets delivered, and there is no other way of recalling or removing.

However, there is an option of deleting the whole conversation. The procedures are different on the Badoo website and mobile application. For removing the conversation on the website, access your inbox and open it. Then click the “…” icon located at the upper right-hand side of the screen and click “Delete.” For doing the same on the mobile app, open your inbox where all conversations are located and press the one you want to delete. Once it’s selected, select the “Delete” option.

No matter on which platform you delete the conversation, it will be removed permanently.

How To View the Online Status Of Other Users?

How To View the Online Status Of Other Users?

Usually, all Badoo profiles show their online status by default. The small round green icon near their names means that they are online at the moment. If the icon is grey, then the person is offline. If you are mutual matches, you can even see the time of your mutual matches’ last visit.

However, if you cannot see the online status of one particular member, it means that he/she has hidden it by adjusting his/her privacy settings. If you aren’t able to see any users’ online status, most probably, you have hidden your online status from other members. If you want to see other users online again, go to your setting and enable the option “Show my online status.”

How Can Users Share Their Contact Info On Badoo?

How Can Users Share Their Contact Info On Badoo?

For verification purposes, Badoo asks to provide either your phone number or link your Badoo account to your other social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, etc. Other people will be able to see that your account is verified via phone number, for example, but they will never be able to see it.

In fact, for security measures, it’s never recommended to share your contact info publicly on any social networking or dating platform. You could share it via private messages, but only if you know the other person well enough to be sure that your contact details won’t be used illegally.

Membership Types and Subscription Prices

Membership Types and Subscription Prices

Badoo offers free and paid service. Free services are available for all users regardless of their membership type. Paid services are divided into two groups – those intended for premium users and those purchased via credits. Hence, the majority of advanced features are accessible by premium users, but it’s not all the features. There are still plenty of functions that can be purchased separately from premium ones. However, for unlocking those features, Badoo users should first of all buy credits and then use them for purchasing advanced services on the Badoo website.

You can use your credits on the following features:

  • Appear in the top results of Badoo search and get seen by more people
  • Get more attention by appearing on every page in your area
  • Appear in the Encounters section more often
  • Send a gift to the person you like the most
  • Send fun Badoo stickers in chat
  • Chat to five more people and make more new friends
  • Notify to people about your online status

Are Badoo Services Completely Free?

Badoo services are free only partially, for example, messaging. As mentioned previously in this Badoo review, the service is available for all users, but standard members face some limitations. They can send only two free messages to the users who aren’t their matches. Overall, here are the free services available for standard users:

  • Registration on the Badoo website
  • Photo, email and account verification
  • Browsing profiles of Badoo users
  • Sending messages to premium members
  • Playing the matchmaking game in the Encounters section
  • Seeing the list of users who visited your profile
  • Using the special search tool to find lookalikes

Can Standard Members See The Users Who Liked Them On Badoo?

As a free member, you can access the Encounters page and participate in the matchmaking page. By clicking the heart icon, you like the picture, or you can skip it by choosing the “x” option. Of course, your profile will also appear in other people’s Encounter section. However, as a free member, you won’t be able to see who liked your photo, unfortunately. This service is available for premium users only.

Are Badoo Subscription Rates Expensive Or Cheap?

It was mentioned in the previous paragraphs of this Badoo review that the advanced services become available in two cases – in case of acquiring premium membership or purchasing credits.

The Badoo premium package offers six subscription plans.

Duration Price
1 Day 0.79USD
1 Week 3.99USD
1 Month 12.99USD
3 Months 31.99USD
6 Months 47.99USD
Lifetime 79.99USD

By comparing these prices to the rates of other social networking or online dating platforms, you can notice that the Badoo premium prices are neither high nor cheap. They are average, which makes the premium subscription affordable to a broad scope of users.

Does Badoo Offer Premium Services?

It’s already been mentioned in this Badoo review that besides free services, the platform also offers free-based features. By acquiring any of the Badoo premium subscription plans, users become eligible for using the following services:

  • Viewing the list of people that liked your photo
  • Viewing the list of people that saved your profile as a favorite
  • Browsing Badoo profile anonymously
  • Messaging newcomers first
  • Sending gifts to the most attractive users
  • Using fun stickers in the chat
  • Sending a “Crush” alert to notify about your interest

How To Cancel The Badoo Membership And Delete The Profile?

As multiple users state in their Badoo reviews, the platform is very convenient and user-friendly. So, if you have decided to delete your Badoo account, it means that you have a pretty solid reason.

For canceling your Badoo membership, click your avatar located at the upper left corner of your screen. Then click the settings icon situated at the upper left-hand corner of your profile page. Then, scroll down the settings page till the bottom where you’ll see the “Delete Account” button. Click the “Delete your account” option in the pop-up and choose the reason for deletion. After confirming your choice, your account will be permanently removed from the Badoo website.

Contacting The Customer Support Team

Sometimes users may face issues with the account verification billing, changing the password, etc. In these cases, users have two options. First of all, try to check the Help Center page. Go to your profile page, scroll it till the end and click the “Help” link at the bottom. You’ll be sent to the Help Centre, where the most frequently asked questions are grouped according to their topics. For example, the “Badoo Mobile” section contains questions regarding the availability of mobile apps, purchasing premium membership on the app, uninstalling the application, etc. Since the Help Center has multiple articles, it’s reasonable to search for the solution of your profile here, first of all.

However, if the Help Center doesn’t contain any article on the issue you face, don’t hesitate to contact the Badoo support team directly. They are quite active on Facebook and Twitter and answer within a few hours. The second option is contacting the customer service team via the Feedback form. Pick the most suitable subject for your problem, enter your email address, describe the issue your face, and submit. The same form can also be used for reporting the errors you discovered on the Badoo website or communicating your ideas and suggestions about the platform.



There thousands and millions of straight, gay, lesbian, adult, and transsexual dating sites in the Internet world, but Badoo is a unique platform that positions itself more as a social media platform rather than a dating site.

Badoo is recommended to all those people who are tired of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites and want to meet new people. Here you can define your intention of joining the platform and connect with only those users who have the same purposes. Overall, Badoo is a lovely platform that enjoys the trust of half a billion people worldwide.

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