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Bumble Review For 2022: When Women Take A Control

Bumble Review For 2022: When Women Take A Control
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 5 452 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Huge membership pool
  • Messaging, including video calls, is free to everyone
  • Fast sign-up process through Facebook account
  • It is possible to sync Instagram and Spotify accounts.
  • Unequal male to female ratio of users
  • Limited search filters
  • Most of the useful features available to premium members

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Bumble is famous among the similar swiping application, with only women being able to make the first move. The website is popular in many countries and counts more than 100 million users to date. It has both Web and application versions, but the application is more popular. There are many free and paid features, similar to many dating sites. This Bumble review presents an all-around description of the website’s functionality.

Design And Functionality

Design And Functionality

Bumble website’s design is stylish and attractive, as well as the application. All functions are indicated with clear and located symbols at the bottom and on top of the screen. The website uses bright colors but does not look tacky.

Special Features On Bumble

Special Features On Bumble

There are plenty of basic and advanced services on the platform that users of other dating websites, including dating sites, might not be acquainted with.

The Profile Prompts feature is designed to individualize profiles and add some personal descriptions. Members can introduce themselves creatively, describe their interests and hobbies, and who they are looking for on the platform. It can also help to start a conversation more efficiently and serve as the ice-breaker. For example, there are questions such as naming the favorite qualities in a person, telling the best travel story, or describing the perfect first date. It is not possible to delete these functions form the profile, but you can always update your answers or change the questions. You can adjust this function in the Edit profile section.

On this platform, users get suggested matches based on location. Nevertheless, it is possible to filter matches by primary criteria, such as distance and age, and advanced, including Drinking and Smoking habits, Education, Religion, Exercise, Relationship Type and Family Plans, Pets, Political Leaning, etc. Advanced filter is available to paid members. However, you can limit the number of matches if the filter criteria are too narrow, so consider widening the search criteria.

Unlike other similar applications, Bumble offers Video Chat with no restrictions regarding the payments. It can be used even to make the first contact.

One of the most desirable features in the swipe-based dating websites is the ability to retrace the swipe. You will need it when you accidentally swiped left and just in a second later realized what you have just done. The Backtrack function is a part of the Bumble premium subscription. When you upgrade, you will be able to return the swipe by clicking on the arrow symbol on the screen’s upper left corner.

Another paid feature is the Snooze mode. Have you noticed that there is no location indication on some profiles? It is because they might turn on this feature. Users can choose to pause their profile for 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, or indefinitely. Additionally, it is possible to include statuses for absence, such as “focusing on work,” “traveling,” “on a digital detox,” or “prioritizing myself.”

Spotlight is a new feature available for additional costs (Bumble coins) that is designed to boost the profile and show it on the top of other profiles to make the profile more visible. It costs two Bumble coins per 30 minutes.

One more advanced feature is SuperSwipe designed to inform the potential date you are particularly interested in that person. To send SuperSwipe, press the heart symbol. Each SuperSwipe cost one coin.

Last but not least, if you are traveling or going on a business trip and want to meet people at a new location, Bumble has a feature called Travel. You can even use it for networking during conferences. So, how this feature works. When you know your destination, activate the Travel feature and select the city. You can do it even beforehand to establish a connection before arriving. Your account will be visible for dwellers of the chosen city for the next seven days. Your location will be shown in the center of the city with no possibility to adjust it. And there will be an indication on the profile to let know you are only visiting. You will find this feature in the Location section in the profile settings. Click the “Travel to…” link and set the city. This function will cost five Bumble coins, and you will see the count down on your profile. Although the feature is paid, it is advantageous, according to many Bumble reviews.

About The Bumble Application

About The Bumble Application

Since Bumble is a swiping dating platform, it is more comfortable to use it on the go from the mobile device instead of the browser on the laptop. Moreover, the web version was created much later compared to the application. Both versions include the same features. Such as filters, adding pictures, chatting, and video calls by clicking on the grey video camera symbol, Backtrack feature, previewing Beeline, sending SuperSwipe, purchasing subscription and coins, and can be used in the same manner. Since you register in the application with the Facebook account, you can easily switch between web and application.

The application can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices free of charge. Most users will proceed with the registration and profile creation from the mobile application, which is easy since you don’t need to fill out the fields. Moreover, chatting is more convenient since you will get notifications about new messages. Not to say that location will be determined and updated by your mobile device.

Most of the Bumble application reviews are positive. However, the application received on;y 3.3 stars in the Google Play Store. iOS users are much more satisfied with the application and rated it with 5 stars. To install the application on the Android devices, users will need only 33 Mb of free space and 5.o and higher versions of the operational system. iOS users need 157.7 Mb of free space and at least 12.0 version of the operational system. Both Android and iOS users can choose one of the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.

About Security Tool Used On The Website?

About Security Tool Used On The Website?

To protect the account, users can set two log-in methods in case one of them became compromised. The security of personal information from the website’s side assures to take all up-to-date to prevent misusing, leaking, and stealing data.

Easy Registration Process And Profile Creation

Easy Registration Process And Profile Creation

Joining this dating site is simple as ABC. You can use your Facebook account, Apple sign-in, or a mobile phone number. Registering with the Facebook account is the most recommended. That way, you can easily synchronize your profile information, such as your name, age, etc., instead of filling out the fields. It will accelerate the registration process and guarantee that the information you provide is authentic and trustworthy. iOS users can use their Apple ID and join the Bumble application through Apple Sign-In. To do this, click ‘Continue with Apple’ on the sign-in screen, confirm using the Face ID signing method, create your Bumble profile, and start browsing and swiping. Alternatively, you can choose to register with the cell number.

Bumble also asks to enter your location, since the application recommends matches based on the location and destination. The final step is to upload your profile picture, an essential element of online dating. One of the best advice from Bumble reviews, to get right swipes, upload all the six pictures that you are allowed, and pick up the best ones.

You should be done in a couple of minutes and start viewing the suggestions picked up for you.

Moreover, you can choose a couple of log-in methods in case one of them becomes compromised. To set additional log-in method, go to settings and tap ‘log-in methods’ where you can add another method.

Editing Information In The Bumble Profile?

Editing Information In The Bumble Profile?

Some information cannot be changed after the sign-up. Especially you have to be careful with the name you are registering. If you want to maintain some privacy online, remember that this is the sort of unchangeable information on the platform. But you can try to contact the customer support to help you with this issue. Same if you need to update your age. Message customer support with the correct birth date.

Some other information can be subject to change. For example, you can easily change your occupation. But if you want to change your education, you need to do this through the Facebook account. Once you edit the information there, it will be synchronized with the Bumble profile. Similarly, if you want to hide your education, you need to delete this information from Facebook. Alternatively, you can deny permission for Bumble to access your information regarding work and education on the Facebook account during the registration.

When you feel like your profile photo is outdated, you can change it with the following steps. Go to your profile and tap on the “Edit Profile” button. Choose the picture and drag it to the first position in the profile preview. Now you replaced the picture with the new one.

Esteblishing Connection With Other Members

On this platform, there is no search function. Instead, you choose if you like or dislike a person by sliding left (no) and right (yes). If you and another member mutually like each other (swiped right), you will match, and then you can engage in the communication.

The Bumble matching algorithm is easy to figure out. It is designed to show people in your neighborhood. You can also broaden or narrow the search with the help of search filters. You can set such criteria as age and location to be connected only with the right people. Unlike other similar dating platforms, there is a daily swipe limit that resets in 24 hours. However, if you update to the premium membership, you won’t have this problem and can swipe limitless.

If you want to see all your matches, click the chat symbol on the lower right corner of the screen. Alternatively, go to Match Queue at the top of the screen to view all the members you have matched with already.

Communication on this website has some rules. When the match is created, only women can initiate conversation on the Bumble website. However, there is a time frame for that. After 24 hours, the match expires. Although men cannot start the conversation, they can show their heightened interest using the daily 24-hour extended function. These rules apply only to heterosexual matches. In the same-sex matches on Bumble, both sides have 24 hours to make the first move.

Delete Individual Message On Bumble

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete the individual message of the platform. In the case you don’t want your match to see the message you’ve sent, you can delete the match. Then the conversation will also disappear.

Notification About Member’s Activity

The Bumble website takes the privacy of the customers seriously. There is no notification about the user’s activity with the green dot, like on many other websites. In general, this is a good thing because users will not feel obliged to answer immediately in the messages and won’t know if someone is online and ignores them.

Publishing Contact Information On The Bumble Website

Publishing Contact Information On The Bumble Website

Like on many dating platforms, including transsexual dating sites, sharing contact details in the profile is not recommended. On Bumble, there are no restrictions regarding publishing your contact details. But when dating online, users should not forget about the basic privacy and security. It is strongly advised to give personal details, such as your home address, work address, personal phone number to people you are confident with. In case you want to chat outside the Bumble website, exchange email or messager where you can hide your mobile phone number first.

Description Of Paid Services And Prices

A couple of paid features are included in the premium subscription that users might eventually want to try to boost their experience. The premium membership is called Boost on the Bumble website and has three subscription periods. The cost for the one-week package is 8.99 USD. If you want to try paid services for one month, you need to pay 24.99 USD. The three-month subscription will cost 49.99 USD in total and only 16.66 USD per month.

Besides subscription, there is also Bumble in-app currency, a “Bumble Coin,” to make purchases on the website, such as SuperSwipe or Spotlight. With the Spotlight feature, users can highlight their profile. It will be placed on the top of the stack, and more people could view it instantly. The SuperSwipe tool is designed to notify your potential match that you’re confidently interested in them. The costs for the Bumble Credits are as follows. One coin costs 1.99 USD. For five coins, you need to pay 7.99 USD, which makes one coin cost 1.60 USD. The price for ten coins is 14.99 USD. And finally, twenty coins will cost 24.99 USD. One SuperSwipe cost one coin, one Spotlight costs two coins and lasts 30 minutes.

It is possible to make payments through PayPal, debit and credit cards, and mobile phones. You can make purchases on the web and in mobile application. To subscribe on the web, press your name on the upper left corner, go to Manage Your Boost, and click the preferable subscription plan. The purchase activates the auto-renew option that can me manages in the Bumble Boost section. All purchases made in Bumble are non-refundable.

Are There Free Services On Bumble?

There are services provided at no charge at the Bumble website. The registration and profile creation is free on the platform. All users receive match suggestions and adjust them with filters without additional costs. More importantly, non-paid members can use chat and messaging features, including Vedo Call, for free without limits and view all the information in the profile, including pictures. Additionally, basic members receive one re-match with a terminated connection daily. Free users can use a primary filter and search people within a certain age range and distance. And naturally, all users can download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store for free. As this Bumble review has shown, it is absolutely possible to have fun and search for dates on the platform without additional expenditures. However, the paid functions will jazz up the experience.

Viewing Who Liked Your Profile On Bumble

Viewing Who Liked Your Profile On Bumble

The option to see who is interested in you can be unlocked only after purchasing the Bumble Boost.

Are Prices On Bumble Cheap?

The costs for paid subscriptions is average among similar applications.

What Is Included In The Paid Membership

With the Bumble Boost, users can unlock who’s interested feature called Beeline, namely to see who swiped right, and find exciting dates quickly. It is even possible to organize the admirers by applying filters. Paid users might not be afraid to lose the connection if they don’t have a chance to establish communication within 24 hours, because the BusyBee feature will extend this deadline. Moreover, paid users can use the re-match tool with expired connections. Premium members can also use the rewind button to return the last match in case you swiped to the left. Paid membership unlocks advanced search filters. Besides age and destination, users can set to look for people of specific height, habits, etc. However, first of all, to use this kind of criteria, you need to fill them out in your own profile.

However, the Bumble Boost won’t really boost your profile to be viewable to other members. The Spotlight function is designed to perform such function is an additional paid feature that costs two Bumble coins per 30 minutes.

Cancelation Of Paid Membership

Depending on what you are using, mobile application, or web version, you need to follow different instructions. Android users need to go to the Bumble Boost section in the drop-down menu under the profile photo, click “Manage your subscription,” and choose to cancel the subscription. If you are using a browser, go to the “Manage your Boost” tab under the profile picture and press the “Unsubscribe” button in the middle of your screen. If you purchased the subscription in the iTunes, go to the Subscription section in the Apple ID, and press the “Cancel Subscription” button.

How To Reach Customer Support

How To Reach Customer Support

If you need to reach customer support, you can write them a message and explain your problem or request. You can contact the support representative any time through the “Contact & FAQ” button in the mobile application or the web version. It is possible to ask for help through the Bumble’s Facebook Support page or Twitter Support page.

Unfortunately, there is no option to contact customer support via phone and ask for help on Instagram or other social media channels. The website informs that users might find some customer support phone numbers on other websites, but none of them is real.


Bumble is a popular dating platform and suits looking for matches among same-sex and opposite-sex partners. In contrast to many similar applications, it can be used without payment, since there are no charges for matching and chatting. Those who would like to meet online before meeting offline can do so with the help of a video call that is also available for free. Unfortunately, Bumble is not listed among dating sites.

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