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Fetlife.com Review for 2022 – Is It Worth It?

Fetlife.com Review for 2020 – Is It Worth It?
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 14 982 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The user database of the Fetlife.com online dating service is extensive.
  • There is a wide range of kinks and fetishes.
  • The premium subscription is not expensive.
  • The community is rather supportive.
  • The Fetlife.com signup process is fast and free.
  • Customer support is decent and is able to solve any problem.
  • The web design is a bit outdated.
  • It is not possible to get registered with the help of a social media account.

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Fetlife.com happens to be a dating website for adults developed by BitLove Inc. It was founded in 2008, and it is inspired by the developer`s personal sexual interests. Thus, the online dating service is focused on myriads of sexual fantasies, such as link, BDSM, and fetishism. Moreover, they state that both the support and the development team of Fetlife.com share the same interest; consequently, they are more dedicated to improving the dating platform. Just like on dating sites, this one allows its members to access most of its features. At the same time, there is a premium membership in addition to the standard one, and it gives users additional privileges.

More and more people are becoming aware of their fantasies, so the number of users is growing month by month. Currently, there are more than nine million members worldwide, and these people can engage in private messages or group conversations. Meanwhile, the features and functions of the Fetlife.com website happen to be similar to the well-known social networking website Facebook. For instance, members can add friends, post another user`s wall, and follow others. There is also no need to pay to send messages.

At the same time, it is extremely important to find out as much information as possible before you sign up and pay for a premium subscription. Hence, keep on reading this Fetlife.com review to learn whether this dating platform is worth investing your money and time into.

A Few Words About the Website Design

A Few Words About the Website Design

According to the Fetlife.com reviews, the website`s design is straightforward and easy to use. There is even a FAQ section on the dating platform you can use to figure some things out. For instance, from there, you can find out what the maximum size of the video that you can add to the profile video is. Thanks to this guideline, you can avoid making some mistakes, which is going to save you some time and effort.

At the same time, some people believe that the Fetlife.com design is a bit outdated. In addition to that, there is mostly black and grey color combination that is boring to some users. The texts are in red, so the website may seem to be dark and not pleasing to the eye. Meanwhile, this kind of interface represents the Fetlife.com community`s mysteriousness. Furthermore, the dating platform is so simple that even not so tech-savvy people can easily navigate it and never get lost in using this online service. It means that such a design is not a bad thing at all.

What Special Features Are There?

What Special Features Are There?

According to the Fetlife.com review, the online service has a lot of things to offer in terms of essential features, although the design is regarded as an old-fashioned one. One important thing about this dating platform is that there are a lot of blogs to read if you are bored or willing to find something fun and exciting. You need to click on the Kinky and Popular tab, and you will see the popular and recent blogs. It is also a good way to view a section of homemade content.

In addition to that, the Fetlife.com website has some more features:

  • Share. Even though the major goal of this online dating service is to connect individuals with the same fetish interest, members are free to share media and information about themselves. It appears to be similar to a social dating website; consequently, the only difference is that the members of this community talk about their fetish desires and intimate sex fantasies;
  • Discussions. When browsing the Fetlife.com dating platform, you can find a forum that discusses topics intriguing your fetish desires. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to take part in these discussions to have more chances of finding someone with the same interests;
  • Communities and Group. According to the Fetlife.com review, the dating platform is chargeless, so there are millions of members with different kinds of groups. You can find numerous communities and groups developed around a certain fetish, and they unite individuals who have the same interest. It is not necessary to create a group because there are more than 100 thousand groups already, so you can just choose the one you belong to;
  • Upcoming events. The idea behind the Fetlife.com dating platform is kinky. Members get notifications regarding upcoming events, and they happen to be regular events connected with a fetish group and you;
  • Blog Posts. Fetlife.com is a BDSM online service that contains informative blogs appealing to people with various fetishes. The dating platform also offers hot and spicy information. Thanks to it, you can improve the understanding of kinky dating and find out even more exciting things about fetishes.

Can Fetlife.com Operate On A Mobile Device?

Just like many other dating sites, this online service obtains an app version, but it is available for Android devices only. At the same time, you cannot download it from the Google Play Store because it is available only in APK format. You can find the necessary link on the Fetlife.com dating website. When it comes to iOS users, they can use their mobile browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and more to download the APK version.

The good part is that all three versions of the online service, including desktop, mobile, and application versions, are simple and easy to use. Due to usage data, approximately 70 percent of the audience prefer to access the Fetlife.com website with the help of their mobile devices. The reason may be the convenience of having a mobile phone anywhere and anytime. At the same time, the desktop version of the online service is convenient for users who are always at home.

You can send and get messages in the mobile application, but there is a time-out in the case of reaching the maximum number of sent requests and messages. It is a common thing for situations when you send messages to members you do not know personally, and this time-out may last for several hours. You can also turn on notifications on the Fetlife.com dating platform so that you would be updated on the happenings and discussions.

The rest of the functions are just the same that you can access via the desktop version, so there is no need to worry. Another great news is that you can be discreet about having the mobile application on your mobile device, so you just need to change the setting of the Fetlife.com app to display the generic logo. Overall, users are satisfied with using the mobile application compared to the desktop version.

Is The Fetlife.com Website Safe And Secure?

Is The Fetlife.com Website Safe And Secure?

According to the Fetlife.com review, it does not let its pages to be indexed by Google or any other search engine. It implies that the content cannot be found by the public, so people can only access it if they get registered and become members of the community. Furthermore, the dating platform is extremely safe and secure because all user data is encrypted. It also never sells any personal details to third parties. At the same time, the Fetlife.com online dating service collects statistics on user commitment to get the effectiveness of new features determined. All discussions on the dating website are also safe because the dating website makes use of SSL encryption. Moreover, it will never give out the details, even to the police. The exception may by a court order. If you are willing to learn more about the security and safety of the Fetlife.com dating platform, you can visit the original website and look through the privacy policy.

Registration Process

The registration process on the online service is easy. Similar to dating sites, new members just need to submit their username, sexual orientation, gender, date of birth, role, email address, and location to open an account. You do not need to pay, so there will be no payment-related information.

Note that you also need to provide your mobile number so that the dating website could send the link to you, and you will verify your account with its help. It is also possible to retrieve a Fetlife.com account via the email address and mobile number if you forget the login details. Unfortunately, this online service does not allow using any social media accounts to sign up. Meanwhile, you can always post the link to social media accounts on your Fetlife.com profiles, and your friends can find you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Is It Possible To Change The Information On A Fetlife.com Profile?

Just like on transsexual dating sites, you can share as many details as you wish on your profile. It is possible to edit the profile page in six parts. When it comes to the first tab, you may change the information you provided while getting registered. You add your interest and what you are looking for in a perfect match as well. The second tab happens to be for a brief text about yourself, and you are free to format it to make it more attractive to others. The third tab displays your relationship with another Fetlife.com user, and you can only do that if you are friends with someone on the dating platform. The fourth tab is meant to be completed with websites that you would like your friends to checkout. All you need to do is to add links, and others will be able to click on them and be redirected there. When it comes to the fifth and sixth tabs are for adding pictures and videos, respectively. The good part is that you can always delete the photos and videos you upload on the Fetlife.com website.

Users can not only post on your wall, but they can format them as well. It is possible to do that if you and these members are friends or obtain public profiles. Unlike many other dating websites, Fetlife.com allows its customers to change their usernames, but they can do that once every 28 days.

How To Communicate

How To Communicate

If you want to search for other Fetlife.com members, you can make use of the search bar that you can find at the top left of any website`s page. It is also possible to find random users with the help of the groups and explore tab. Some people here are responsive, while others are not. You should be careful about who you are sending messages as well as how you do that as some of the customers can be rude. It is better to read profiles first and see whether there some guidelines before you start interacting with the Fetlife.com users.

You can view pictures and videos uploaded by others manually free of charge. At the same time, if you purchase a premium plan, photos will be filtered as the recent ones and most loved. You should be ready to see sexually explicit content when navigating the Fetlife.com dating platform, and it can be videos of users doing some acts and nude pictures. If you are not ready for such things, you can always go for profiles that contain the right things for you. If you are disrespected or harassed by any other Fetlife.com user, you can add him or her to your block list. For this purpose, you need to visit the profile and select the “block member” option.

If you want to search for users in your area, you can click on Perv Kinkster Nearby, you can find on the Fetlife.com conversations page. You need to make sure, though, that the location is accurate, so the dating platform could provide you with the correct results. Using this online service, you can send messages free of charge. You can easily do that by opening the profile of the person you are willing to start communicating and type the text. The process is straightforward, thanks to the simple layout. You can also see your previous conversations on the Fetlife.com dating website by checking your archive, inbox, and sent messages.

How To Delete A Comment You Have Made?

Unfortunately, the Fetlife.com website does not allow its members to delete the comments they make on someone`s photos, writing, videos, or wall. At the same time, these users can do that, so you can contact those people and ask them to remove your comment. If you want to remove a comment you made in a group, you should contact the group owner.

How To Know If Another User Is Online?

The good part about the Fetlife.com online dating service is that most of the offered features are available to all members, including the standard ones. It means that you can immediately see if someone is online, no matter if you pay for the service or not. At the same time, every user is free to hide his or her profile for a while. In this case, others will not be able to access and view your Fetlife.com profile.

Is It Possible Share Contact Info Over Fetlife.com?

Although it is not possible to make use of a social media account to get registered, members can post a link to their social media account. Hence, visiting a member`s profile, you can find a link to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Consequently, you can always find your Fetlife.com friends on other platforms.

How Much Does the Online Service Cost?

How Much Does the Online Service Cost?

Just like many other common and dating sites, this one offers a premium subscription along with a standard membership. It means that free members can access many features, but a premium plan will provide them with additional perks. That is why it is strongly recommended to pay for a Fetlife.com premium subscription to find a perfect partner quickly.

What Features Does Fetlife.com Offer For Free?

If you are a standard member of the Fetlife.com community, you can do the following things:

  • You can open a new account;
  • You can create a profile;
  • You can send and receive messages;
  • You can view photos and videos uploaded by other members;
  • You can take part in groups.

Can Standard Members Of Fetlife.com See Who Liked Them?

The standard members of the Fetlife.com dating service can access almost all the available features. It means that they can see who liked them as well. It is not common for most dating platforms, so this fact makes this website outstanding.

Is Fetlife.com Cheap Or Costly?

When it comes to the Fetlife.com prices, the dating platform is low-priced. At the same time, the premium membership is available for 6, 12, and 24 months. The six-month subscription will cost you five dollars per month, which is 30 dollars in total. The price for the one-year membership is also five dollars per month, so you will pay 60 dollars for the whole period. The same goes for the 24-month option, and the total amount is 120 dollars. As you can see, it does not matter how long a period is because the price per month is always the same.

What Perks Does a Fetlife.com Premium Membership Offer?

If you decide to pay for a Fetlife.com premium subscription, you can do the following things:

  • You can get an “I Support FetLife” badge on the profile, and you can hide it if you do not want to disclose it;
  • You can view recent and the most loved pictures;
  • You can view all the content you have favorited;
  • You can add videos and discussion topics;
  • You are free to design your feed as you like;
  • You can be one of the first members to access the new Fetlife.com features.

Is It Necessary To Cancel A Fetlife.com Premium Membership?

The premium membership on the Fetlife.com website is a bit different from what you usually see on other dating platforms. The thing is that members just give “support” to the online service by donating a certain amount of money per month. Thus, it does not renew automatically, which means that money is going to be taken from you when the period ends. Consequently, you do not have to do anything to cancel it.

Does The Online Service Customer Support?

Does The Online Service Customer Support?

If you are willing to learn more about the dating website, or if you have complaints, concerns, questions regarding the services, you can always contact customer support. According to the Fetlife.com reviews, the team is not only dedicated to improving the online service, but it is available round the clock as well. Moreover, they are professionals who can solve any problem you are facing.


From this Fetlife.com review, you can see that the dating website is a worthy one, indeed. Thanks to it, you can find people with the same fetishes and kinks that you have. The dating platform is extremely easy to use, which is a huge advantage. Although it may seem old-fashioned to some people, it functions well, so people do not face any difficulties when navigating it. The online dating service is one of the safest ones in the industry as well. The thing is that all user data is encrypted, and Fetlife.com never shares it with anyone. Another good part is that there is no need to pay anything to use the dating website, while most other services and dating sites require payments. It means that even without purchasing a premium subscription, you can create a profile and communicate with others. In addition to that, the dating platform offers both desktop and mobile versions, along with a mobile application. Consequently, users can communicate with each other regardless of their current location. To sum it up, Fetlife.com is an amazing dating website you can use to find like-minded people.

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