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MeetMe As a Modern Platform for Interaction and Dating

MeetMe As a Modern Platform for Interaction and Dating
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 5 752 125
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • MeetMe offers a free communication among the users.
  • The website has a more extensive user database.
  • There are specific gifts and rewards for more active users.
  • The registration on the website is relatively straightforward.
  • The MeetMe website suggests features matches list soon after the registration.
  • Profile information and pictures are visible for all the users; however, you may adjust the settings, as you want.
  • Along with instant messaging, the website offers a chat room option.
  • You can view live streams on the website for free and start your own.
  • MeetMe offers a free downloadable mobile application for both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • The interface of MeetMe is full of thousands of annoying advertisements. To get rid of them, you have to purchase the premium membership.
  • The website does not do any background checkups; therefore, many scammers are fake and abusive.
  • The required age for registration is 13. This means that a teenager may register on the website, which in some cases may not lead to favourable outcomes.
  • The website is not for the people looking for serious relationships.
  • The profiles are not very detailed, which means the search engines on the MeetMe website will not bring the desired results.
  • The interface of MeetMe desktop version is quite outdated.

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MeetMe is a mixture of dating website and social media platform. The origin of the website is quite impressive. In 2005, a pair of teenager siblings, Catherine and David Cook, decided to trade traditional paper yearbooks using the 21st-century digital tools. Thus myYearbook was born, and soon it started getting more popularity among users and revenues from various sources. In contrast to Facebook, MyYearbook aimed to help unknown people get acquainted, while Facebook focused on joining people who already know each other. Sooner some flash games were added to the website, which boosted the website’s popularity more. The website started enhancing very quickly, employing new and exciting features and improved its functionality. Finally, in 2012 the website was named becoming MeetMe.

The focus of the new website was to help people find new and exciting friends through an online platform, instead of concentrating only the old ones. Step by step, MeetMe has gone through significant changes adding live streams, new chat functions thus making a journey with it more enjoyable for the users.

The registration on MeetMe is easy, filling up the profile is quick, and the interaction with other users fun and entertaining. Besides, one of the most prominent advantages of the website is that the features are available for free. You may purchase some fee-based features through credits. You may earn those credits in different ways such as playing games, finding Secret Admirers and communicating. Once enough credits are accumulated, you may unlock the feature that you desire.

The member structure on MeetMe is also diverse. According to some MeetMe reviews, the website has almost 100 million registered users from all over the world. Male users outnumber the females composing 60% of the whole website’s population. Unlike many other dating platforms, the minimum age requirement is 13 and above. This means that teenagers may use the website, which will be not so beneficial for them.

Is the Website’s Interface User-Friendly?

Is the Website's Interface User-Friendly?

The interface of the MeetMe website may look a little bit outdated. It resembles Facebook old layout, while Facebook has made significant changes in its design. Unfortunately, MeetMe has not moved to a new and modern design since the day its foundation. The buttons and tabs are scattered and not easy to find. It seems that the MeetMe website has started to pay more attention to the mobile application. The interface of the mobile application is more attractive and user-friendly. Therefore, many users prefer to use the mobile version to the desktop one.

Special Features Typical To The Website

Special Features Typical To The Website

Although the MeetMe website version does not offer many exciting features, its mobile counterpart does an excellent job in terms of features. It has some useful and entreating features to offer its users.


If you like a user but are afraid to initiate a conversation, the website Question feature may help you. Choose one of the questions and ask the user, soon you will get an answer if he/she is interested. The questions are sent anonymously, and your identity will be disclosed only after when the user answers your question.

Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer is a combination of entertainment and interaction. You may play a game and at the same time get acquainted with a new person. The app gives you a list of 5 profile pictures saying that your secret Admirer is one of them. You have five guesses to find that particular user. If you do not guess, the secret admirer notification will be removed.

MeetMe Live

This feature allows you to start your streamline and interact with your viewers. Those diamonds may be changed into credits or convert it into real cash.


This feature offers you various users’ pictures, and you are asked to choose the ones that you like. If you do not like a particular user, click on X and pass to the other option.

Does MeetMe Have A Downloadable Mobile Application?

Does MeetMe Have A Downloadable Mobile Application?

It is good news for the MeetMe users that the website offers a free downloadable application for both Android and iOS users. According to some MeetMe reviews, the administration focuses more on improving the features on mobile application rather than on the desktop website. The mobile application is better from the desktop version in terms of design and functionality. The interface of the mobile application is more modern and attractive for the users. Moreover, the mobile application offers more features compared with its desktop counterpart.

The mobile application is the right choice for the users, who do not want to spend a lot of time sitting in front of computer desktops. Besides this, the app can be used anytime and anywhere you want. You may do some work and at the same time, communicate with your online friends. The neatly organized tabs make the navigation much more convenient and enjoyable for its users. Overall, the users of the desktop version will miss a lot of from the overall valuable experience.

What Security Measurements Does MeetMe Take?

According to many MeetMe reviews, the website is not the safest ones to join. Despite the Terms of Use and Policy Privacy, the MeetMe website has some issues connected with the overall security system. Although the registration process requires a valid e-mail address, there is no verification to complete it. This gives scammers and fake users a good chance to register on the website and not to be identified. Another security issue with the MeetMe website is that the users can register if they are 13 and above. Because of this rule, there are many teenager users, which will be dangerous for them. The administration does not check the content posted on the users’ profiles. Moreover, the website collects your personal information for different reasons, and it is shared with third parties. Despite these drawbacks, the MeetMe website uses one of the best information protecting system.

The MeetMe website does not moderate interaction between the users. However, if you encounter a user with fraudulent behaviour, you are encouraged to report about them. The system will do a profile checkup, and it finds something suspicious the website will be terminated. If you do not want a particular user to contact you since he/she annoys you, you may block. After blocking, that user will not be able to contact you or view your profile.

Signing up Process on the Website

The signing-up process on the MeetMe is relatively straightforward and without any complicated steps or tasks. It may take up to 1-2 minutes and no more. The website requires only a small piece of personal information like name, age, location, your gender and the gender you are interested in. Although the website asks to provide a valid e-mail address, there is no verification process. In other words, your e-mail is not used for any intention unless you do it. Soon after you fill-up the fields, you are taken to your profile homepage, and you may start your journey with MeetMe.

Although it is good that the registration is so easy, on the other hand, the profiles are not detailed and informative for other users. It is impossible to get an impression of the person’s character just going through its profile. Moreover, the website is full of tons of scammers and fake profiles, and it is difficult to understand which user is legitimate and which fake. The lack of information and uncompleted profiles also make the searching process difficult. Several searching filters are mostly useless because the profile’s information is not enough to bring up all the suitable matches. You may opt to verify your profile and fill up all the fields with necessary information. Your profile will catch the other users’ attention and the chances of making new friends will be higher in this case.

How Editing of Profile Information Is Done?

How Editing of Profile Information Is Done?

MeetMe allows you to edit or add your personal information provided during the registration process. You may change any part of the information except the username. This is done for security purposes. The rest of the information you may change in the two following ways.

Via desktop version

  • Find the “Persona” section and click on the “Basic” button.
  • In the list, find “Edit Profile” and click on it.
  • Make all the necessary changes and confirm them.

Via Mobile application

  • Click on your profile username or location.
  • Find the “About Me” section and tap on it.
  • Go through the “Edit” link.
  • Make all the necessary changes, and confirm.

Making Contact with Other Users

Making Contact with Other Users

Making contact with other users is entirely free on the MeetMe for all the users regardless of the membership. It is both beneficial and dangerous for the users. On the one hand, you may initiate a conversation with anyone without having to purchase a premium membership. On the other hand, you may get thousands of unwanted messages from annoying users. There are a lot of fake profiles and scammers with aggressive and abusive behaviour, so you should be ready for that, especially if you are a female user.

MeetMe offers an exciting and fun game called “Blind Date.” It enables the streaming host to hear the participants voice, but he/she cannot see them. As the video chat goes on, the pictures become more and more visible. At the end of the streaming, the identity of the participants will be fully revealed. Both the participants may opt to continue chatting privately or not.

You should also remember that the old messages are deleted after 30 days not to let unnecessary information take a lot of space from the storage.

Is It Possible to Delete a Sent Message?

MeetMe does not give you an opportunity to delete the message that you have already sent. If you find the message was inappropriate to send or you accidentally sent a wrong, you may say sorry.

Is It Possible To See Who’s Online?

MeetMe enables you to see who is online at the moment. If you see a green icon next to the profiles, it means that the user is currently online. If you notice the icon coloured in orange, it shows that the user is offline. Moreover, you may search for people using the filter “Who’s Online.” This filter will help you get in touch with online people and start a conversation without waiting for the other user login.

How Contact Information Sharing Is Done?

MeetMe does not encourage any contact sharing outside the website’s frameworks. The website is full of scammers and fake users, which try to use the website’s advantages for their personal benefits. Moreover, the website gives you all the necessary communication tools to interact with other users more convenient and quickly. You may use instant messaging or video chatting to get to know the person better. Along with these features, you may create or join different chat rooms and communicate with several users at the same time. Many teenagers also use the website, and there are not strict security guidelines. Therefore, to be on the safe side, all the users are warned not to share any personal information with an unknown user. Do not do it, unless you are one hundred per cent sure that the person is reliable.

Free and Fee Based Services

Although most of the MeetMe features are free for all the users, the website also offers a premium membership. Along with purchasing the premium member to unlock certain features, the members can earn some credits with the help of the videos. The credits can be converted into cash as well. Although most of the features are available for free, the premium members have some advantages.

  • Seeing the users who viewed your photos
  • Seeing the photos that other users have viewed
  • Removing ads from the website’s homepage
  • Using more advanced filters for browsing
  • Showing your messages on the top of other users’ inbox
  • Browsing other profiles anonymously
  • Designing your profile with different themes

Does MeetMe Offer Its Features For Free?

Most of t6he features on the MeetMe website features are free, although some are available only for premium users. Moreover, the homepage of the free users are full of with many advertisements. Anyway, it is good that users may enjoy the service without buying the premium membership. Here the features that you may enjoy as a free member;

  • Registering on the website
  • Creating an account
  • Searching for matches using various filters
  • Having access to various chatting options
  • Using MeetMe Live Stream

Can You View Who Liked You on MeetMe As A Free Member?

MeetMe allows its users who visited and who liked your profile posts. This feature is available for all the users regardless of their membership. You may also see the particular pictures that other users have liked.

Is MeetMe Premium Membership Expensive?

The premium membership compared with other similar dating websites, is low-priced. You may go along on the website without purchasing the premium membership. However, as stated earlier in this MeetMe review, the premium membership gives its users more advantages. The MeetMe website also offers its users to buy certain features only. You may pay for them or exchange them with your credits. Those credits you may also earn by others’ likes and in some other ways. Those credits may be exchanged to real money as well. Using those credits, you can make your profile appear on the top of the search results. Moreover, those credits may be used to purchase diamonds to give streamers as a present.

If you have decided to purchase the premium membership, you may pay through Credit Card, PayPal and via mobile phone.

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 6.99 USD / Month 6.99 USD
3 Months 5.66 USD / Month 16.99 USD
6 Months 4.17 USD / Month 24.99 USD
250 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
500 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 4.99 USD
625 Credits 0.02 USD / Credit 9.99 USD
2,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 14.99 USD
3,700 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 24.99 USD

Is There A Premium Membership on MeetMe?

MeetMe offers both premium and free membership. Almost all the features are available for the free members as well, however there are some more for premium users. As states above in this MeetMe review, the website homepage is full of ads, and to enjoy the ads-free journey, the premium membership is required. To make your profile and messages appear on the users; profiles is also a premium feature.

How Can I Cancel the Premium Membership on MeetMe?

You should bear in mind that the premium membership of MeetMe is auto-renewed. If you have decided to cancel it, you should do it 48 hours early to avoid unwanted billing. To cancel your subscription, you have to apply to the customer support service. Go through the link (support@meetme.com) to approve your cancel.

Is Customer Support Team Available?

Is Customer Support Team Available?

The professional customer support team of the MeetMe website is available 24/7 hours. The devoted team is ready to answer your questions as soon as possible. Although there are many complains about the website administration connected with identifying fake profiles, they do their best. If you report about a certain user, the administrators will go through the profile for checkup, and if they find something suspicious, they will take all the necessary measurements.

Here is the contact information that you may use in some cases.

Company: The Meet Group, Inc.

E-Mail: support@meetme.com

Address: 100 Union Square Drive New Hope, PA 18938

Phone-Hotline: (215) 862-1162


MeetMe is a combination of a dating and social media platform. The website has got a long story, during which it has managed to attract millions of users. If you are looking for more exciting and fun friends near or beyond your residence, you are encouraged to try MeetMe. The availability of the features entirely free of charge, may make your journey fun and stress-free. Although MeetMe is not a completely dating website, all the sexual orientations are welcomes here.

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