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OurTime Review 2022: A Leading Dating Site For People Over 50

OurTime Review 2022: A Leading Dating Site For People Over 50
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 50-75
Profiles 3 620 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy navigation and simple design for people over 50
  • Reasonable pricing policy
  • Availability of OurTime mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Open entrance for both straight, gay and lesbian individuals
  • Availability of the OurTime website for the residents of the USA and Canada only
  • Too limited features and services for standard users
  • Way too many functions, which can be confusing for senior people

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The OurTime website is an online dating platform launched by People Media, Inc. The site was released in 2011 and currently operates only in the territory of the United States and Canada. OurTime occupies a respectable place among straight, gay, lesbian, and transsexual dating sites since it’s designed for people above 50 years old. It’s the age when people feel the loneliest without a partner. Their children start families and move to live separately, so older people remain alone. That’s when OurTime comes to their assistance and helps find partners with whom they can share their silver years.

Website Design, Layouts, Navigation & Usability

Website Design, Layouts, Navigation & Usability

The design and layouts of the OurTime website resembles other sites of the People Media family. The platform looks quite attractive in terms of design, but it lacks interactive features. Perhaps they aren’t even necessary, taking into consideration the target audience of the website.

Blue and its different shades are the dominating colors. The buttons of accepting or refusing match recommendations are green, yellow, and red resembling traffic lights.

Since the platform has multiple pages and features, they are located on the navigation bar and the right and left sidebars of the profile homepage. The navigation bar contains tabs like Home, Inbox, Search, Matches, Tokens, and Settings. The majority of the pages can be accessed from the menu situated on the left-hand sidebar. The right-hand sidebar is mainly occupied by an advertisement and chat requests.

Most Useful Features Of The Website

Most Useful Features Of The Website

Being part of People Media, the OurTime website has multiple features that are available in other sites belonging to this network of online dating platforms. However, there are a few unique features that help users to increase the visibility of their profiles and meet more new people.

The PromoteMe functions places your profile among the top results of the search. Hence, your profile appears in everyone’s search results, which increases your chances of reaching more people.

If someone special has caught your attention and you want them to know about your affection, send them a virtual gift. The service is paid. For buying a gift, you should have enough tokens.

Have you ever felt that you are already close enough with someone, and texting isn’t enough? You think that you’re ready to move to the next level but at the same time, don’t want to make a call from your phone number. OurTime users can purchase a virtual number via ConnectMe and contact other people without revealing their real phone number.

Does OurTime Have A Mobile Application?

Does OurTime Have A Mobile Application?

As it was said in this OurTime review, The OurTime dating platform is designed for people above 50 years old. At first glance, the investment is the development of mobile applications may seem meaningless. But the facts tell a different story.

People Media has developed two OurTime mobile applications that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. The number for downloads from the Google Play Market (over 500 thousand installations) testify that smartphone are quite popular among senior people, and they prefer to access the platform via the app. Despite being launched only in 2019, the OurTime app has managed to reach popularity among the users of Apple products as well. They have left more than 10 thousand OurTime reviews and ratings, according to which the app deserves 3.7 stars.

What Security Measures Does OurTime Implement?

For OurTime, the security of the website and application, and the privacy of users’ data, is a top priority. OurTime implements all necessary security measures to protect the system and data from viruses and illegal access. These measures include regular monitoring of the security system and frequent updates of the anti-virus software.

However, it’s a well-known fact that it’s impossible to guarantee a 100% protection. It’s also impossible to predict and prevent all cyber-attacks. Hence, users should be aware that security breaches and data loss is possible regardless of their efforts to protect users’ data.

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

Since OurTime is designed for senior people over 50 years old, developers of the website have made sure that even the least tech-savvy people can successfully create accounts.

For registration, go to the OurTime website – www.OurTime.com. You can find the “Sign Up Free” fields easily since it’s located in the middle part of the homepage. Your very first step should be clicking the dropdown and choosing one of the options that suit you best. Overall, there are four variants – a man seeking men, a man seeking women, a woman seeing men, and a woman seeking women. For moving forward, click the “Search Now” button. On the next page, you’ll be asked to specify your location. Only two countries are available – the United States and Canada. If you want the OurTime matchmaking system to recommend matches close to you, you should also provide your ZIP code.

Once you have provided the requested information on your country and ZIP code, move to the fourth step. Here you should enter your first name and password. You are allowed to use letters, hyphens, and apostrophes in your name. As for the password, it should contain at least four and a maximum of sixteen characters.

Moving ahead, you should enter your date of birth and email address. By clicking the “Keep Going” button, you give your consent to the platform’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

For completing the registration, one last step is left. You should upload at least three photos, and there is no option of skipping it. Once the pictures are uploaded, you are ready to start your journey with OurTime.

How Can OurTime Profile Information Be Edited?

How Can OurTime Profile Information Be Edited?

Many users mention in their OurTime reviews that user profiles are quite informative due to the variety of fields created by the developers of the OurTime website. However, since almost all areas are optional, users can choose which information to provide and which fields to leave blank. As a result, some profiles may look empty as if they are fake, others may have several filled in areas, and the third part of accounts can be quite detailed.

For editing your profile information, click the “Edit” link situated on the right-hand side of your screen. Here you’ll be able to see which percent of your profile information is completed and which fields are waiting for their turn.

You can begin with specifying your intention of joining the OurTime website – marriage, serious relationships, friendship, etc. Next, let people know the level of your education, your current occupation, and income. How often do you smoke or drink? Do you have children or pets? Tell people about it.

Usually, users aren’t much interested in other people’s religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation. But if those facts have a substantial impact on your personality, you have better fill in the corresponding fields.

And finally, even though each OurTime user has to upload at least three photos, don’t forget to provide information about your appearance as well, like your height, body type, hair, and eye colors.

Finding Matches And Making Contact

Finding Matches And Making Contact

As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this OurTime review, the very first thing that should be done after registration is profile completion. Once your profile gains a presentable look, you are ready to talk with new people. But for starting a conversation, you should know where to meet new people.

On the navigation bar of your profile located on the upper part of your screen, you can notice several tabs such as Inbox, Search, Matches, and Tokens. Compatible candidates suggested by the OurTime matchmaking system are displayed on the Matches page. Once you enter this second, you can see a user’s profile and a question above it – “Are you interested in her/him?”. You can answer either “No, Next Profile” or “Yes, Next Profile.”

Besides the Mathes section, you can meet new people on the “Today’s Matches” page as well. Here every day, the system displays selected profiles for that very day. To the question of whether that user is a possible match, you can answer – Yes, Maybe, or No.

Once you are attracted to someone, visit their profiles, click the “Send Message” to type your email and send it. Besides messaging, you can also use the chat function to talk with people online at the moment. However, these features are available for premium users only. Standard members can use the “Send Flirt” feature to flirt with other people, as well as like and comment on their photos.

Can Sent Emails Be Deleted?

Unfortunately, there is no feature available on the OurTime website for deleting individual messages. Once you send an email, it gets received by the other user immediately. However, if your Inbox is full of old emails, you can delete them. Click the “Inbox” tab on the navigation bar to open conversations. There are checkboxes located next to each communication. Check as many boxes as you want and scroll the page till the bottom. Click the “Delete Checked” button to remove the conversation from your Inbox. These messages get stored in the trash box. If you want to delete them permanently or restore, go to the trash box and take the necessary actions.

Are There Indicators of Profiles’ Online Status?

Like the majority of straight, gay, adult, lesbian or transsexual dating sites, OurTime profiles also have an indicator showing the online status of users. If there is a small round green icon available next to the username, it means that the person is online. If the icon is grey, then the person has logged off from his profile. Moreover, in the case of being offline, profiles show the last time of being active.

As it was mentioned previously in this OurTime review, users can not only send email but also talk with online users. This live chat feature becomes available only if the user is online. Offline accounts cannot use the function.

IS It Possible To Share Contact Info On OurTime?

IS It Possible To Share Contact Info On OurTime?

Online dating or social networking platforms, including the OurTime website, forbid users to share their contact information publicly. Members cannot add their phone number, email address, home address, or other data to their profiles in a text or image form. Why? First of all, it’s a matter of users’ safety and security of their personal information. If the OurTime administrators discover cases of breaking this rule, those profiles can be banned temporarily or permanently.

However, since OurTime doesn’t moderate private messages, users can share their contact info in conversations. But before providing any data, make sure that the person is honest and won’t use it illegally.

Membership Types And Subscription Rates

It was mentioned in the previous paragraphs of this OurTime review that some features like messaging are available for premium users only. The truth is that OurTime offers free and paid services. Free services are available for everyone. Paid services are unlocked in two cases – when users subscribe to premium packages and when they purchase tokens and use them to unlock advanced features. A token is a digital currency used by the OurTime system. There are three token packages:

  • 55 credits can be acquitted at 2.99USD.
  • 110 tokens cost 5.99USD in total.
  • 280 points are available at 9.99USD.

Once members buy tokens on the OurTime website, they can use them for purchasing virtual gifts and boosting their profiles.

Does OurTime Have Free Services?

It has already been said that the OurTime website offers both free and paid services. Free features are available for all users immediately after registering on the site. New registrants can use these functions for exploring the platform to find out whether they like it or no. But, these free services are too restrictive, and users cannot enjoy the full functionality of the platform with their standard accounts.

  • The OurTime dating site doesn’t charge money for registration. It’s free for everyone.
  • After registration, all users can complete their profiles free of charge.
  • Both standard and premium users receive match recommendations from the matchmaking system.
  • Visiting profiles and viewing users’ personal information is free for everyone.
  • Standard users can send winks to the members they are attracted to.
  • Free users can conduct a basic search by applying several filters.

Can You See If A Free User Likes You On OurTime?

The OurTime standard membership allows seeing the list of people whose profiles you liked. But, unfortunately, you cannot see the users who like you. This service is available for premium membership holders only.

Are OurTime Subscription Prices High Or Affordable?

Are OurTime Subscription Prices High Or Affordable?

This question was given to thousands of customers. They say in their OurTime reviews that the rates of premium membership are average.

OurTime offers three subscription plans:

  • The Full Price package unlocks the majority of premium functions, including accessibility of the platform on mobile devices. The package costs 34.96USD. It opens advanced features for one month.
  • The second subscription plan is called Standard. Holders of this plan receive access to the majority of functions but not all of them. Users should subscribe to this plan for six months at a minimum. The six-month premium membership costs 95.76SUD and is paid in one payment for the whole period.
  • The most successful package is called Value. On top of the features available for Full Price and Standard plan subscribers, this package includes several additional services. For example, the Value plan subscription holders get notified about the receipt and read of their messages by other users. They can also highlight their emails so that they get noticed by receivers immediately. And finally, these profiles get highlighted and stand out of the crowd of standard accounts. Subscription to the Value plan for six months costs 119.76USD.

Does OurTime Have Premium Services?

Of course! The previous paragraph of this OurTime review has already introduced and described the types of OurTime premium membership and their prices. By subscribing to these plans, users acquire access to the following fee-based services:

  • Premium users get notified when receivers of their messages read them.
  • Paid accounts get a background color which differs from the color of standard profiles and indicate their premium status.
  • The same way messages also receive a different color, so the receivers understand that those emails were sent by a premium user.
  • The OurTime premium packages unlock unlimited communication.
  • Premium users can see the list of people who liked their profiles, sent flirts, and saved as a favorite.
  • The tool of advanced search is unlocked for premium membership holders.

How Can The OurTime Premium Membership Be Canceled?

To make sure that users enjoy an uninterrupted premium subscription, the OurTime website stores users’ credit card details and enables the auto-renewal option. Therefore, by the expiry of premium membership, the site automatically charges the user for another subscription period.

However, if you don’t want to prolong your membership period, you can disable the auto-billing option right after the purchase. The subscription will be active during the whole membership period. However, after its expiry, the account will go back to being a standard one with no access to advanced services.

For turning off the auto-renewal option and canceling the OurTime premium membership, click the settings icon on the right-hand corner of your screen and choose “My Account.” On your account page, find the “View Account Status” link and click it. Then click “More Account Status Changes” and choose the option of canceling automatic renewal.

Instructions Of Contacting The Customer Department

When facing a problem, the very first thing that users should do is trying to find a solution on their own. How? There are several links, including “Contact Us” located in the footer of the website. While clicking it, the site sends you to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page. It contains hundreds of articles on how to deal with this or that problem and how to fix them. Materials are grouped into categories like “Upgrading,” “Profile and Photos,” “Member Communication,” “Cancelling,” etc. If you cannot find the relevant article, use the search tool.

However, if, after all your efforts, you couldn’t find the answer to your question and the issue still exists, don’t hesitate to contact the OurTime customer care team directly. For doing it, click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the “Frequently Asked Questions” page, which will redirect you to the contact form. Here you should choose the category of your issue – upgrading, events, canceling, matches and searching, etc. Then, enter your email address, phone number, and type your question or describe the issue. The maximum allowed text size is 3500 characters. After filling in, all the fields, click “Submit Question” and wait for the answer from OurTime customer service team, which will be sent to your email address.



As this OurTime review has shown, People Media, Inc. has made sure that people over 50 years old don’t stay alone for the remaining time of their lives and spend those years with like-minded partners. OurTime provides a reliable and convenient platform where senior users can create accounts and meet new people. One of the most respectable features of OurTime is that it welcomes LGBTQ representatives as well, thus acquiring an essential role among gay, lesbian and transsexual dating sites. Overall, OurTime is worth your time and money.

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