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Plenty Of Fish Review for 2022 – What Do They Use It for?

Plenty Of Fish Review for 2022 – What Do They Use It for?
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Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 10 562 520
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Plenty of Fish website obtains a large number of members.
  • There is an advanced search feature.
  • It is possible to send messages free of charge.
  • Users can specify what kind of people can contact them.
  • The registration process is simple and fast.
  • There is a trendy mobile application.
  • The Plenty of Fish online service does not make use of ID to confirm new customers.
  • Video chats and chat rooms are not available.
  • There are advertisements on the standard accounts.

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Plenty of Fish happens to be one of the first dating websites that have managed to remain popular until these days. It was started in 2003, and it is regarded as the largest dating platform around the world as it has more than 150 million users in different countries. Thus, there are approximately 4 million visits and 17 million conversations every day. The dating platform boasts that it has helped more than one million couples to find each other. Just like some dating sites, this online service is a mix of a dating platform and a matchmaker service. It means that members can browse freely and search for potential partners that match the nominated criteria. In addition to that, they can make use of the Plenty of Fish matchmaking capabilities like “Ultra Match,” and it presents the top 50 most compatible people for a user.

Interestingly, the online service combines all the functions of different dating websites and applications on the market these days. It is possible to search for others by location, scroll through profile photos, and tick if you would like to match with a Plenty of Fish user. Furthermore, you can get matched every day.

The online dating service obtains years of experience and a significant number of members, but is it a worthy platform, indeed? That is why you should read this full Plenty of Fish review before you decide to get registered. In this case, you will not waste time on a dating website that is not suitable for you.

Is the Website Design User-Friendly?

Is the Website Design User-Friendly?

According to the Plenty of Fish reviews, the design may seem to be overwhelming if you access it via desktop. The mobile application, though, is much easier to use compared to the website version. The good part is that all the functions found on the desktop version are accessible in the mobile app as well.

You will find it easy to update your profile and interact with others via any of the platforms. Furthermore, the icons and buttons are rather straightforward. Thanks to the simple functionalities, users of any age can use the online dating service easily.

The Plenty of Fish website offers such a search that can be as flexible as members want it to be. Hence, it is possible to find matches due to your requirements in terms of beliefs, interests, physical features, and hobbies. Moreover, if you know a specific user`s username, you can apply the username search, which can significantly simplify the process.

What Special Features Are There?

What Special Features Are There?

The popularity of Plenty of Fish has grown over the years. Thanks to the additional features, the online service has become even more inviting and exciting. Some of the special features are unique, while others appear to be borrowed from other dating platforms. Here are the special features you can find on the Plenty of Fish website:

Chemistry Predictor

The chemistry predictor happens to be a unique feature wherein members can opt for any of the available tests, including needs assessment, chemistry assessment, keeper test, psychological assessment, and sex test. Thanks to this Plenty of Fish feature, the online service can find a perfect match due to the results of the mentioned tests. There can be from 30 to 100 questions, and you just need to click on an answer in accordance with your preference and personality.


This one is the matchmaking feature that displays users that are the best for you.

Top Prospects

It comprises of a list of all the members that you interacted with over the past month. It is reported that some Plenty of Fish users ended up finding a perfect partner after one of them was included on this list.


Just like other online services that focus on looking for someone nearby, this dating platform obtains a function that allows finding members due to their location. It makes use of the information on the customers` phone location services.

Meet Me

This Plenty of Fish feature allows browsing the local users who are ready to meet. It is similar to the swipe right or left way of viewing user profiles you can find on many online dating services. It means that you are going to see profile photos of other customers, and you can choose “Yes” or “No” to specify whether you like what you are seeing or not. If both users go for the “Yes” option, there is a match, and they can start communicating.

Automated Decision Making and Profiling

The decision-making process involves computers and algorithms only. It implies that no humans are involved in protecting members` privacy. These features are helpful in increasing the chances of the Plenty of Fish users to find their perfect match.

Super Yes

Thanks to this feature, it is possible to find out how much a member is into you. According to the Plenty of Fish reviews, there are more chances to meet an ideal partner if you make use of Super Yes. It is possible to find this function on “Meet Me.”

Send Priority Message

While sending messages on the Plenty of Fish dating website, you can see a box where you may switch on or off this feature. In the case of turning it on, your message is going to be at the top of the inbox. Note that only premium members can use this feature.

Today`s Catch

It is also possible to find this Plenty of Fish feature in “Meet Me.” It highlights a user`s profile, and more customers can see it. Also, customers can make use of tokens to access this function.


This one acts as a profile booster, so you can make use of tokens to send priority messages, use a “Super Yes,” and get highlighted. You are free to purchase one, five, or ten tokens at a time, and they expire in one month.

Does the Plenty of Fish Online Service Offer a Mobile Application?

Does the Plenty of Fish Online Service Offer a Mobile Application?

People tend to access their profiles with the help of a mobile application. Hence, approximately 75 percent of the time, the Plenty of Fish online service is accessed via a mobile device. Both the mobile version and the application are extremely convenient, which may be the reason for such popularity.

The mobile application is more straightforward compared to the desktop version when it comes to navigating. According to the Plenty of Fish reviews, it may be hard to delete your account via the app as you will have to deactivate it first. Then, you need to log in to the desktop version to delete it. To sum it up, if you are willing to use this online dating service, the mobile application is a better choice, indeed.

Is the Plenty of Fish Dating Website Safe and Secure?

The Plenty of Fish online dating service does a lot to keep its users safe and secure, and it takes their personal interest to heart. For instance, only females can send photos because males used to abuse the privilege and send unwanted pictures. In addition to that, there is a lot of information regarding what to stay away from, how to keep safe, and signs that a profile is a scam. The thing is that there is a section that contains Dating Safety Tips, including how to protect your personal details, how to be wise while dating online, and how to avoid money schemes. Furthermore, the Plenty of Fish online service offers a section on how to stay safe while meeting your matches.

A Few Words About the Registration Process

A Few Words About the Registration Process

Unlike other common and dating sites that focus on allowing their members to sign up as quickly as possible, this online service offers a detailed profile questionnaire that new members need to complete. Thus, they are to submit their language, gender, types of properties they own, kind of relationship sought, education, ambition, desire to have children, and more. It is mandatory to provide answers to all the questions to complete the registration process.

While similar dating platforms allow using social media accounts to sign up, Plenty of Fish does not offer such an option. Although it is quite convenient to make use of a Facebook account to draw more details about your friends and hobbies, this option is not available on this dating platform. At the same time, you can still connect with your Instagram page or Facebook account to add profile photos. You can make use of the saved pictures from your desktop or mobile phone, though. There is no need to pay anything to get registered, and you can access most Plenty of Fish features being a standard member. There are also premium features that you can only use if you pay for a subscription.

Things One Needs to Know About the Plenty of Fish Profiles

Things One Needs to Know About the Plenty of Fish Profiles

While getting registered, you will provide details regarding the friends you have, the activities you like doing, and your hobbies. It is also possible to specify whether you are looking for serious relationships or for casual dating. Due to these well-detailed questions, the match results for every Plenty of Fish user are promising.

The profiles you are going to see while using the online service are rather informative. It is also not hard to figure out what kind of relationships others are looking for. Along with easy access to information, you can make use of tidbits the Plenty of Fish users share on their profiles as conversation starters and ice-breakers. Furthermore, most members want to date and form long-term relationships; consequently, this platform is a great option for dating.

Interestingly, the profile page on this dating website is not focused on the person alone because it also lists down more information about those around him or her. Thus, you can learn more about the siblings, parents, and family status of the user via the profile. It also shows the length of the Plenty of Fish person`s longest relationship so that you could get how compatible you are as a couple.

The bigger part of the profiles contains enough details due to the signup process requirements. Standard users can add up to eight profile pictures, while premium members can upload 16. At the same time, the Plenty of Fish online service was the first one to ban face filters on profile photos, so people can be sure that what they see is what they get. Note that any account that contains any sexual language will be deleted by the dating platform.

Available Communication Options

Available Communication Options

As mentioned above, standard members do not need to pay to send messages to others. This process reminds text messaging, where people can type texts. Communication on Plenty of Fish is unlimited, even if you do not pay for the service.

The great part about the dating platform is that members can make use of their mobile phones microphone to record voice messages and send them to others. Most dating sites and other platforms do not allow their users to hear another customers voice until they exchange phone numbers. Consequently, this option is an amazing option you can use to get to know someone safely.

Another important thing to consider is that only females can send pictures to others through private messaging because the Plenty of Fish online service banned males from accessing the mentioned features due to nudity. That dating platform also blocks messages that contain inappropriate content like abusive language, spam links, and pornographic pictures. In addition to that, it is not allowed to send copied and pasted messages to prevent spams.

How to Edit Email Notifications?

The Plenty of Fish online dating service tries to contact its users when there is something important that they should know. At the same time, it is obvious that some members may want fewer emails in their inbox. Hence, it is possible to update how often you get notifications regarding new matches and messages over email. For this purpose, you need to log into the account and select the “Edit Profile” option. Next, you need to click on “Mail Setting.” It is where you can choose when you would like Plenty of Fish to email. The last step is to click on “Update Mail Settings” to save the changes.

Is It Possible to See If Someone Is Online?

Just like many other dating sites and online dating services, this one allows all its members to see whether someone is online. Thus, you can see it on a member`s profile when viewing it. Thanks to this, you can save your time if you start communicating with those currently online and can respond immediately.

How Do Users Share Their Contact Details Over Plenty of Fish?

How Do Users Share Their Contact Details Over Plenty of Fish?

Some dating websites allow their members to add contact information on their profiles. The Plenty of Fish online dating service does not let its users do that. Meanwhile, they can share their contact details if they trust others and are willing to communicate more.

How Much Does the Online Dating Service Cost?

Most dating websites offer premium memberships to their users, which provide them with more perks. Consequently, people need to pay money if they want to enjoy their online dating experience. The Plenty of Fish online service is no exception here, so keep on reading to learn more.

Which Plenty of Fish Features Are Free?

If you are a standard member of the Plenty of Fish community, you can access the following features:

  • You can open an account;
  • You can create a profile;
  • You can send and receive messages;
  • You can receive matches;
  • You can add others to your Favorites list;
  • You can see a list of online users;
  • You can take the Compatibility Predictor test;
  • You can send voice messages;
  • You can view the Plenty of Fish profiles;
  • You can take part in forums;
  • You can see nearby users;
  • You can download the mobile application.

Can Standard Members See Who Viewed Them on Plenty of Fish?

Can Standard Members See Who Viewed Them on Plenty of Fish?

When you complete your profile and add pictures, you will attract other members. Moreover, you can see who viewed your profile at any time you like. All you need to do is to click on the “Viewed Me” option from the home screen, and you will see all the Plenty of Fish users who check out your profile. You can also select the “Who I Viewed” to find a member whose profile you viewed before. If you are a paying member, you can see a complete list of when every customer views you.

Is Plenty of Fish Cheap or Costly?

If you want to become an upgraded user of the Plenty of Fish dating website, you can get a premium membership for two, four, and eight months. If you decide to go for the two-month option, you will pay 19.35 dollars per month, so the amount for the whole period is 38.70 dollars. If you choose the four-month premium subscription, it will cost you 12.75 dollars per month, which is 51 dollars in total. The eight-month premium membership on the Plenty of Fish dating website costs 10.18 dollars per month, so you will pay 81.40 dollars for the whole period. Overall, the prices on this dating platform are average, so most people can afford it. The available payment options are PayPal, credit cards, and mobile phones, which are common for most dating platforms.

What Perks Does Plenty of Fish Premium Membership Bring?

In addition to the features available to standard members, you can access more functions if you are a premium user of Plenty of Fish:

  • You can be the first on the like on the “Meet Me” feature;
  • You can know the status of the messages you send;
  • You can access extended user profiles;
  • You can navigate the dating website without any advertisements;
  • You can see details when others viewed your Plenty of Fish profile;
  • You can get more messages;
  • You can be at the top of the search results;
  • You can send three gifts per day.

How to Get Unsubscribed from the Plenty of Fish Website?

How to Get Unsubscribed from the Plenty of Fish Website?

Note that all premium plans on the Plenty of Fish dating website renew automatically. Consequently, you need to cancel your subscription first if you decide to leave the online service due to some reason. Furthermore, you can easily do that manually. For this purpose, you need to go to “My Account” and get the option for automatic renewals unchecked.

Is There Customer Support?

Is There Customer Support?

According to the Plenty of Fish reviews, there is an extensive FAQ section. It is the place where you can find information to solve almost any problem you may be facing while using the dating website. Moreover, there is a blog and community forum that members can reach out to if they have any questions. It is also possible to call customer support at any time.


Plenty of Fish is not only one of the first dating websites on the market, but it is also one of the most popular ones. There are millions of users around the world, and you can get acquainted with them free of charge, which makes it different from dating sites. The thing is that this dating platform allows its standard members to join the community, create a profile, and send messages without paying for a premium plan. At the same time, there is still a premium subscription that can improve your experience. For example, such a membership will allow you to navigate the dating website without any advertisements. To sum it up, if you are looking for a reliable and convenient dating website to find a perfect match, you need to opt for Plenty of Fish.

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