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SwingLifeStyle As A Leading Swinging Dating Website

SwingLifeStyle As A Leading Swinging Dating Website
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Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 3 492 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • SwingLifeStyle has an extensive user database, which increases the chances of finding the most optimal matches.
  • Swinger clubs located in different parts of the world are listed on the website.
  • Not only singles but also couples can join the website.
  • Uploading a photo is not mandatory for the SwingLifeStyle website.
  • Along with instant messaging, the websites offer various chat rooms to join.
  • The profiles on the website are quite detailed.
  • Photos are visible for anyone regardless of the membership.
  • Premium members may opt to hide their profiles from standard users.
  • SwingLifeStyle offers a mobile application for both Android and iOS users.
  • Many events are not available for the people living in a small town, since they are planned and organized in major cities.
  • Messaging is available for premium users only.
  • You can register on the website using your Facebook account.
  • Nude pictures are blurred for the free members.

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SwingLifeStyle is a swinger dating website that caters to the swinger community. The website was founded in 2001, and it is called itself “alternative lifestyle dating” because of the misconception about swinging. With an eye-catching slogan stated as “Start Your Sexual Revolution.” The website encourages adventurous and open-minded singles to join the SwingLifeStyle website for non-traditional and casual hookups and encounters.

Along with offering some sexual experience on the website, SwingLifeStyle is also a networking platform to meet and make new friends. Its features allow you to join different events, forums, and groups. You may enjoy partner likes, orgies, swapping, and threesomes. SwingLifeStyle claims to be a transsexual dating website where sex and similar activities come across. According to some SwingLifeStyle reviews, the website currently has over 16 million registered users worldwide. The most active members are from the United States, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, there are not a few users from Europe, Asia, and Latin America as well. The website has 5 million visits from those territories. It also states having up to 7000 newcomers every week.

The activity on the SwingLifeStyle website is also one of the highest in the online dating sphere. You may notice not less than 5000 active users at any time, and 300 chat rooms in progress. Although communication tools are limited for the free users, some users prefer not to purchase the premium membership. The website is also popular among the users whose age ranges 55 and above. However, the website is mostly by the younger male crew. In addition to the usual signup, the website offers not only singles but also couples to join. Female users compose 30% of the whole population, while males make up 70%. More than half of the registered users are couples, which is quite impressive. Many SwingLifeStyle reviews state that having a fresh and non-conventional approach to sex makes the website so welcomed by different users.

Is the Website’s Interface User-Friendly?

Is the Website’s Interface User-Friendly?

The SwingLifeStyle website’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward. All the necessary features are neatly organized on the left side of the website’s homepage. This makes the navigation through the profiles easier since you have all the necessary tools at hand anytime you want. When you get a message on the website, you will get a pop-up notification with a sound.

The profiles on the website are impressively informative, with many details about the users. Uploading photos is not mandatory, but you are encouraged to have one on your profile picture. Both photos and profile information is visible to anyone regardless of the membership. However, premium members may adjust their profile settings and hide their profiles from free users. This is a useful feature in case you want to be contacted by serious swingers. Although free members cannot see the premium members’ profiles, premium users may view all the users’ profiles without limitations. If they like a user, they may also initiate a conversation, while the standard users cannot.

Nude photos available on the SwingLifeStyle website are not visible for the free members as well. This helps to avoid scammers and undesired users. In terms of security, the profiles do not go through any verification process, but the administration should approve the photos. According to some SwingLifeStyle reviews, the website quickly spots the fake profiles since most users are serious about swinging. If you encounter a user with suspicious users, you are welcomed to report about them.

Unique Features Typical To The Website

Unique Features Typical To The Website

SwingLifeStyle not only offers its users online dating and communication tools but also organizes different events, both local and international, to boost the interaction among the website’s users.

Hot Date

On your profile homepage, you have a special calendar that you may use to organize events. You may use the offered tools to announce that event or find some free people on that day. It can be used both a speed dating and an event advertisement tool. This feature allows you to date a swinger or some swingers at the same time.


SwingLifeStyle has its travel agency, which has a 15-year-old story in the lifestyle travel industry. That agency was initially created for the SwingLifeStyle website’s users. Although most of the events are a week-long cruises, the agency organizes short-time entertainment like in house parties, safari adventures, parades, etc.

Swinger Clubs

SwingLifeStyle provides its members with a map where they click on heir state and find existing swing clubs. Moreover, you have a chance to create your club following some rules made by the website. One of the important rules is that members of the club should be SwingLifeStyle users. You can arrange your club meetings in public places like shops, theatres, pubs, etc.

Is There A Mobile Application?

It is good news for SwingLifeStyle users that mobile application is currently available for the users. The application can be downloaded from both the Play Market and App Store. The application has been created recently; however, it is relatively modern. The mobile application is the best choice for those who cannot spend a lot of time sitting in front of computer desktops. They may enjoy the same features as the desktop counterpart offers while traveling, waiting in a queue, or doing another activity. You may keep in touch with your online friends anytime and anywhere.

If you do not want to download the mobile application and occupy some space in your phone’s storage, you may also use its mobile version. The only inconvenience is the size of the interface, but it may be adjusted.

Is SwingLifeStyle Safe To Join?

SwingLifeStyle uses modern encryption technologies to ensure the website users’ security. All the emails are exchanged in the internal system, which means that non-authorized parties may not access it. Moreover, you may be sure that third parties cannot steal your data. Your financial information is also well protected by the website’s security. If you want to learn more about the website safety measurements, you are welcome to read its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. It is an extensive list of rules, which may take some time for you to read. According to that Privacy Policy, your information is not shared with third parties unless the law requires it.

The profiles also go through thorough checkups if there is a need. The registration process requires email verification. Photos before posting on your wall also need approval by the website’s administrators. Premium membership also enables users to hide their profiles from undesired users and prevent fake profiles from contacting them.

The Registration On The Website

The Registration On The Website

Like other swinger dating websites, the required age to register on the SwingLifeStyle website the user should be 18 and above. Unfortunately, there is not a Facebook login option to make the registration more accessible. The only way to access other users’ profiles is to register on the website as a user. The registration is not so time-consuming and complicated. It is simple and straightforward to ensure that people with basic computer skills may register on the website without any issues. For the signing-up on SwingLifeStyle, you are asked to provide only basic information. First, you need to choose a username that has not been used by another user. Then, you are required to identify your gender and the gender you are interested in. Instead of multiple-choice questions, you are asked to answer some questions in an essay format. This way may help other users understand what kind of personality you have and whether you match or not. Completing profiles is another essential criterion to catch other users attention. While, uncompleted profiles make an impression of an unreliable user.

The registration on SwingLifeStyle does not impose any restrictions on your background. Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation, may join the website. The website’s user database indicates how welcome and user friendly it is towards new users. You may go along on the website without purchasing the premium membership; however, some advantages like communication are available only for the paid members.

Although the website does not offer a Facebook login, you may register with its mirror site called sls.com. Clicking on the “Join Now” button, the website will directly take you to SwingLifeStyle.

How Can I Edit My Profile Information?

How Can I Edit My Profile Information?

The information that you have provided to the SwingLifeStyle website during the registration can be edited or added later on. Only the username cannot be changed for security purposes; the rest of the information may be altered anytime at your convenience.

To edit your personal information, follow the following steps;

  • Go to your SwingLifeStyle account.
  • Find the “Tools” section in the main menu.
  • Make all the necessary changes.
  • Click on “Update” to save your changes.

Communication Tools Offered By The Website

Communication Tools Offered By The Website

Messaging is a premium feature on the SwingLifeStyle website, which means free users have limited options when it comes to interaction. Free users may receive and read messages, which is probably not enough to make new friends and connections. Like many other similar dating sites, as a free member, you will see only the last messages, but you will not reply. For some users, it may seem a little bit rude and arrogant behavior.

Therefore, when it comes to interaction, paid members have an obvious advantage over the free ones. Once you get a message, you will get a pop-up notification on the inbox icon, and it will make a short sound. Along with instant messaging, SwingLifeStyle also offers different forums and chat rooms. Chat rooms allow users to communicate with several people at the same time. You may find like-minded people and have a more enjoyable experience on the website. Forums are for those active members who are looking for relationships for different purposes. You may join various forums or create your own on the SwingLifeStyle website.

How To Unsend A Message?

The SwingLifeStyle website does not allow to delete a sent message on the website. If you have already sent a message, the user will get a notification about that immediately. However, if you are worried about the content or something else connected with the sent message, you may talk to the user. The members on the website are quite open-minded, and they will understand the situation without making complications.

Is There Who’s Online Feature?

Is There Who’s Online Feature?

SwingLifeStyle allows the website to know the currently active members. You may see a green colored icon next to the profiles, which shows that the user is active at that moment. Yet, the orange-colored icon indicated that the user is offline. Moreover, you may know when the user was active last time.

The SwingLifeStyle website also offers a “Who’s Online” search filter. These filters allow you to find the active users and communicate without waiting until they log in.

Is It Possible To Share Contact Information?

SwingLifeStyle suggests all the necessary features to make your interaction on the website quite convenient and unforgettable. For this reason, there are some useful features like chat rooms, forums, hot dates, and some others to facilitate and boost the interaction among the website’s users. All the necessary information that may have an essential role in getting to know a person is displayed on the user’s profile. The rest of the information is confidential and will not be shared with third or non-authorized parties without your acknowledgment. For your security, the SwingLifeStyle website does not encourage to share any personal contact with other users. Although the website takes all the necessary measurements to prevent fake profiles, some will find it quite acceptable. Not to fall in the scammers’ trap, do not take your relationship beyond the website’s “walls,” unless you are one hundred percent sure that the user is reliable. Once you are sure about the user, you may share your contacts if you want, although the website provides all the necessary communication tools.

The Cost Of The Premium Membership

Like other swinger dating websites, SwingLifeStyle also offers the standard and premium memberships. The premium membership is offered with three-time limitations; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Along with these monthly subscription plans, SwingLifeStyle also offers a lifetime premium membership, which costs 149.95USD. With the lifetime membership, you will have access to all the features offered by the website and more. You may purchase the premium membership paying through Credit card or Cheque.

Are All The Features Free On SwingLifeStyle?

SwingLifeStyle is a transsexual dating website, which offers most of its features for free. However, some features are available exclusively for premium users. To understand the difference between standard and premium memberships, you are encouraged to compare their features.

Free services of the website offer the following features;

  • Registering on the profile
  • Creating a profile
  • Searching for potential partners
  • Viewing other users profiles
  • Blocking members
  • Joining different forums organized on the SwingLifeStyle website

While, premium membership of SwingLifeStyle includes all the features mentioned above and some more;

  • Viewing nude photos of other users
  • Uploading nude photos
  • Uploading private photos
  • Rating the exiting clubs
  • Approving new members on SwingLifeStyle

Is It Possible To See Your Likes On The Website?

SwingLifeStyle allows you to like other users posts and get likes for your posts. While navigating through the profiles on the website, you may like some of the users’ posts. The users will get a notification that you have liked their profile. The same refers to you; if someone likes your profile, you will immediately be notified. If you want to see how many people have liked your posts, you need to look at the number located under the post and next to the “Thumb Up” icon. Before sending a notification to another user, the website asks you to confirm that you like it.

Is SwingLifeStyle Expensive To Join?

Is SwingLifeStyle Expensive To Join?

Compared with other transsexual dating website existing in this sphere, SwingLifeStyle’s premium membership is average. This means that anyone with an average salary may afford himself/herself to join the website.

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 14.95 USD / Month 14.95 USD
3 Months 9.98 USD / Month 29.95 USD
6 Months 8.33 USD / Month 49.95 USD
12 Months 5.83 USD / Month 69.95 USD

Along with these four premium subscription plans, SwingLifeStyle also offers a lifetime premium subscription, which costs 149.95USD. This is a better option for the long-term users of the website.

Is There Offered Premium Membership?

As stated earlier in this SwingLifeStyle review, the website offers both free and premium memberships. Free members may go along on the website, but the premium membership is required to interact with other users. This means that if you like someone on the SwingLifeStyle website, you need to upgrade your account to the premium one to communicate with him/her.

How To Cancel Premium Subscription?

If you do not want to continue your premium subscription plan on SwingLifeStyle, you may cancel it with your account settings’ help. If you encounter any problems while doing that, you may apply to the customer support service available through email addresses.

Customer Support Team

SwingLifeStyle has a very friendly and supportive customer support service, which is available 24/7. If you encounter any issues connected with the navigation on the website or with a premium subscription, you may apply to the professional team.

Like many other dating websites, you may come across fake profiles, which may try to make the website’s advantages for their benefits. With the help of the “Report” button, you may report about suspicious users, and the administrative team will go through their profiles.

For further information, you may use the contact information to contact the SwingLifeStyle website.

Contact Information

Company: DashBoard Hosting, LLC

Address: 6100 Glades Rd STE 205 Boca Raton, FL 33434-4300

Phone-Hotline: (754) 242-7440

E-Mail: support@swinglifestyle.com



SwingLifeStyle is a niche-dating website created for the singles and couples with a non-conventional approach to sex and sexual activities. The website offers several special features for its users to make their swinging journey more enjoyable and unforgettable. A large user database indicates that the website is quite popular among the users from all over the world. User-friendly and attractive interface attract more and more users to join the community. You may enjoy most of the website’s features without purchasing the premium membership, but paid members have some more advantages, including access to communication tools. Thus, if you want to discover something new in a swinging community, you are encouraged to join SwingLifeStyle as one of the leading swinger dating websites.

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