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Tagged Review For 2022 Date And Flirt

Tagged Review For 2022 Date And Flirt
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 7 856 125
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can use it to meet new people, rather than chat with existing friends;
  • Many people use the platform, making it easier than ever to meet new people;
  • You can meet new users who are in your area for a fun and comfortable meeting in person;
  • You can use the Tagged mobile game, which uses Tinder's match feature to match you with people in your area;
  • Tagged has most of the basic features of any traditional social network, including customizable profiles, private messages, etc.;
  • You can play games and give virtual gifts to people on your network;
  • You can customize the live video or start your own.
  • Many people at the Tagged website are looking for romantic connections or connections that may not be for everyone;
  • Sometimes ads can seem overwhelming;
  • Previously, the platform had problems with spam;
  • All of your privacy settings are set by default) (which you can manually change if you like);
  • There is no two-factor authentication for added security;
  • The desktop layout isn't that great.

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The social network Tagged appeared in 2004 in San Francisco. Initially, it was a space for exchanging messages among schoolchildren, and then it grew into a platform for people of all ages to communicate. Besides, Tagged is available in many languages, which means that they don’t need to painfully navigate the interface device, often with other American social networks. The Tagged social network is located at www.tagged.com. Users have two options – to use Google+ or Facebook accounts. The other is to fill out a unique form on the main page. Tagged is in demand among young people. It works only in the USA. It looks like a team game. Users should try to score as many points as possible. The main element that the team is striving for is the tag. Tagged has over 300 million users and 11+ unique users worldwide. The main distinguishing feature of Tagged dating website from all social networks is that it is used to find people and meet them. Tagged provides a pleasant atmosphere and is perfect if you want to meet new people in your field, especially if you are interested in dating or casual sex. Tagged mobile app has truly surpassed the desktop version and has combined the fun of choice of advanced features with the power of a real social network.

Tagged Interface & Functionality

Tagged Interface & Functionality

Tagged website design is changing rapidly, as new technologies appear all the time, such as flash effects, and other dynamic elements. The use of a large number of visual effects and colorful graphics that create chaos unpleasant for the eyes is already a thing of the past.

The minimalist style in the Tagged site’s design means avoiding over-filling the site with unnecessary graphics and other useless content. The information displayed on the site in a convenient, easy-to-read form makes it possible to perceive it intuitively. The primary trend of the Tagged website is minimalism and simplicity. Essential parameters of the Tagged website usability:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Effective to use

Tagged performs two main functions:

  • Allows you to easily switch between top-level categories, regardless of the current location of the visitor;
  • Ensures that the user quickly gets an idea of what services or products the resource offers.

Main Features Of The Tagged Dating Site

Main Features Of The Tagged Dating Site

Tagged provides its users with several exciting features:

  • Pets;
  • LUV;
  • Could you meet me?

Pets is a pretty funny thing. The point is that you, or rather your page, is being “bought” by another person for virtual gold. Now he is your “master”. It does not affect your page in any way. You can even ban the “owner” if he annoys with messages, as I did. The very meaning of the “purchase” is probably to please the “owner”. I saw the accounts of older men with a bunch of young, cute “pets”. You can buy yourself a “pet” too, possibly the same person who “bought” you. With each purchase, prices rise, so the “owners” first change, then the wealthiest remain, in the literal sense of the word, because part of the virtual gold is given free of charge, but to keep your beloved pet, you have to invest your own, quite real, money.

Quite a many people are addicted to this game, and they are on the site not for dating. There is also a “cafe”, but I can’t say anything about this game. Unlike the “pets,” it is not built-in. You cannot refuse to be a “pet”. Previously, there was such an opportunity, but after many users left the site, the “remove Pets” button was removed. However, you can safely ignore the game and not even go to the Pets tab.

With the LUV function, users can give gifts to each other. All registered users receive 10 LUV daily, and for the fact that the user donates LUV, he gets points for it. If a user donates a LUV to another member, that user can give the LUV to another member. The more LUV you receive, the faster your bar replenishes, which is indicated at the bottom of your profile.

There is also the Meet me game. Now, it is entirely for dating. People like you, you like, you can make a couple and chat. Unlike Tinder, you see those who want you by immediately entering Meet me. That is, you can safely like back. If there are more than 196 people who liked you and did not answer with either a left or right swipe, your profile temporarily stops showing in the game. “Earn” your likes, and everything will be restored.

Is A Mobile Application Of Tagged Available?

Out of a multi-million Tagged website audience, 53% of users prefer to get acquainted using a mobile application. The primary function of the application is the “Meet Me” function, which is a game. Also, the application works more functional, and it is much easier and more convenient to use it than the desktop version. The application is available for Android and iOS; user can download the application on the official website or Google Play and the App Store. Tagged application has all the functions of the Tagged dating website. The ability to search for profiles and chat is also available. You can view your matches and read the messages and push notifications that appear on your face. A paid subscription to Tagged dating site allows the user to register on the Tagged dating site using a mobile phone. The participant will be able to send messages and receive messages from other users, as well as watch daily matches.

Downloading the application is free, and most importantly, very fast. In the application, you can also register, create a profile and change skins.

Is Tagged Dating Site Safety?

Is Tagged Dating Site Safety?

Unfortunately, it happens that not all dating sites are 100% safe. On the site, you may encounter scammers who are good psychologists and is trying to gain your confidence. This Tagged Review provides a few tips to help you identify a scammer:

  • If a new acquaintance asks you for money, this is already a sign that a fraudster is communicating with you. If you are sure that a scammer is talking to you, inform the site administration about it
  • If the interlocutor communicates with you with strange words or quotes taken from books or films, then most likely, he wrote the text in advance and copied it
  • If the interlocutor asks for your contacts, you should not risk it until you know the person well, do not say your home address or work address. Try not to give out your personal information to protect yourself from scammers on the Tagged dating site

You should adhere to and follow simple rules so that you do not regret what you have done later. The user should not go to links sent to him in the form of private messages and ignore such messages. And it’s better to block such a user so that he can no longer send you such messages. Also, do not share your personal information on the site, for example, your home or work address, or mobile phone number. Most importantly, it is essential to be skeptical of all extremely generous offers or suspicious requests (for example, to transfer money). It is rarely possible to meet scammers on the Tagged website, because all users must go through the identification procedure. Verification information is displayed in the user profile; thus, you can calculate the fraudster on the Tagged website. All members’ profiles are carefully reviewed and checked by the site moderators. If you have any doubts about any member of the site, be sure to inform the site administration or support service about it. If you are not yet registered on the Tagged website, you can read the Tagged reviews to know for sure if the site is verified and safe.

Registration On The Tagged Dating Site

Registration On The Tagged Dating Site

To start dating on Tagged website, you need to register. Go to the official Tagged page and fill in all the required fields, such as:

  • Username;
  • Sex;
  • Location;
  • Email address

After you fill in all the fields, an email with a confirmation code will be sent to your email address. This code must be copied and entered into the appropriate field. After you enter the code, your account will be verified. The next step is to create a user profile. The main thing in a profile creation is downloading a profile photo, the photo itself can be animated in GIF format, you can also change the profile theme using skins, you can download them on the site or create your own. It is possible to change the font, background, profile title, etc. Your photo will be visible to all users.

Is It Possible For A User To Change His Profile Information In Tagged Profile?

Is It Possible For A User To Change His Profile Information In Tagged Profile?

Some Tagged website users, intentionally or mistakenly, indicate the wrong date of birth, which leads to the appearance of irrelevant data in the profile. It can lead to a lot of confusion when discrepancies in personal information are revealed.

When first filling out the questionnaire on the Tagged dating site, it is essential to understand that it is impossible to change the profile’s age data on your own. There are two ways to replace it:

  • Editing an existing questionnaire. To do this, you will need to draw up an appeal to the support service with a request for changes;
  • It was creating a new profile with personal data. To create a new profile, you will need a new phone number and email address that was not previously registered with Tagged.

If a decision is made to edit an existing profile, a request is sent to the support service via the feedback form the site. You will need to verify your identity. For change profile information, a scan of a civil passport is attached to the appeal. It is essential that the passport and profile data on Tagged match. The moderators will review the application. The participant will receive an answer: the age will be changed to Tagged, additional documents will be requested, or a refusal will be received. In this case, need to delete the profile from the Tagged website and create a new one by filling in all the necessary items correctly.

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Tagged website users can communicate with each other by sending and receiving messages. Any user can send and receive unlimited messages, and this feature is entirely free. Daily matches can be found in the Meet Me game. The matches are not based on the site’s matching system. Matches are, in most cases based on the search criteria you enter when looking for a partner.

Is It Possible To Delete Sending Message?

For the Tagged website user to be able to delete the sent messages, he must:

  • Go to the “Inbox”;
  • Then the user needs to select a conversation;
  • Then select the letter;
  • Move the mouse cursor over the message you want to delete;
  • Then confirm the deletion

How Tagged User Will Know Who Is Online Now?

How Tagged User Will Know Who Is Online Now?

Go to the Tagged website search engine, check the box “now online,” if there are many participants, then use the filter to find a friend. If he is currently using this site or application, he will be shown as a “person online” without the icon. When you go to his profile, you will see no “online” icon, but the date of the last visit through the official application or the website itself.

How Can A User Share Contact Information Through The Tagged Dating Site?

How Can A User Share Contact Information Through The Tagged Dating Site?

If the Tagged dating website user wishes to share his contact information with the users of the Tagged site, then this is his right. If the user wishes to share his contact information with the users of the Tagged site, then this is his right. But before you communicate essential information about yourself, you should get to know the person you met on the Tagged dating site.

Money Value Of The Tagged

In this Tagged Review user will know the price of the membership.

Tagged website Premium subscription cost:

  • 1 Month- $ 9.99;
  • 3 Months- $ 20.97;
  • 6 Months- $ 29.94;

Tagged website Gold subscription cost:

  • 2,500 Credits- $ 5.00;
  • 10,000 Credits- $ 10.00;
  • 25,000 Credits- $ 20.00;
  • 75,000 Credits- $ 50.00;
  • 200,000 Credits- $ 100.00;
  • 400,000 Credits- $ 200.00

What Includes Free Membership Of The Dating Site Tagged?

What Includes Free Membership Of The Dating Site Tagged?

Tagged website free subscription consists of the following features:


  • Create a profile;
  • Ability to view profile photos;
  • Possibility to get “Meet me” matches;
  • Ability to send messages;
  • The ability to play different games;
  • Ability to put likes;
  • Ability to leave comments

Does The Free Tagged Subscription Include The Function To See Who Liked You?

The Tagged dating site allows its users to see who they liked and sends them to the Meet Me list. The user will be able to view all user profiles, view their photos and read information, and only then decide whether to like them or not.

What Category Does A Tagged Subscription Fall Into As Cheap Or Expensive?

The Tagged website subscription has not an expensive subscription, and the prices are affordable. For example, it is unnecessary to buy a subscription for a user interested in communicating with the user by sending and receiving private messages. The Tagged website free user will not feel humiliated, as he can get to know the user he likes with the help of a free subscription.

What Kind Of Subscription Does The Tagged Site Offer Besides Free Membership?

The Tagged website offers its users several types of subscriptions:

  • Free membership
  • Premium
  • Gold

What Includes Tagged Dating Site Premium Membership?

Tagged website paid subscription includes the following features:

  • Ability to see who put “yes” in Meet Me
  • The ability to see who liked you
  • Ability to see who viewed your profile
  • Ability to chat with new users
  • Communication with support by email
  • Ability to receive read notifications
  • Popular people profiles available

User can pay for the subscription by:

  • Credit bank card
  • Online bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Mobile Phone
  • Amazon Pay

Support Team Of The Tagged

Support Team Of The Tagged

If you have a question about using the Tagged dating website, you can contact the help centre site, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have not found the answer to your question, you can contact the site support team by mail, write online, or send a written request by fax or regular mail. If you immediately visualize the problem, you will have to explain less. Pay attention to the working hours of Tagged support – not all services work 24/7.

If user are not answered on one channel, you should not immediately try another – maybe now it’s just a non-working hours. To get an answer as quickly as possible, do not duplicate the chat call to Tagged. Better clarify your request, prepare screenshots, detail the problem. And as soon as the working day begins, the employee will receive your detailed message and will be able to respond to it effectively.


Tagged website is a unique online dating service where you can find your love in the virtual world. On this site, users have a great chance to find a suitable partner, using various functions of the Tagged site, of course, the site is similar to many other dating site. Some of the site’s features are free, which is a big plus. Registration is straightforward, you can use your phone or email, or you can use Facebook. A couple of clicks – and you’re done, you need to write a few words about yourself and add a photo. If you want to find your soul mate, take your photo choice seriously, because it creates the first impression of you. You can be in the application both for free, using the minimum set of useful functions, or subscribe or a gold account, which significantly expands the range of available functions, including the promotion of the profile, the ability to return an accidentally skipped profile back, etc. Tagged is a mega popular dating site today. Its capabilities are fully developed to meet the requirements of modern people. The application is available for Android and iOS. Its interface is very simple and straightforward. Already millions of couples have met using this online dating service.

Tagged has both pros and cons, and everyone chooses for himself whether this application is right for him or not. Tagged website is a modern dating service where everyone can find a person to their liking.

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