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Tinder Review for 2022: Still at the Top of Its Game?

Tinder Review for 2020: Still at the Top of Its Game?
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Pros and Cons

  • Free unlimited likes and messages.
  • Shows matches located closest to you.
  • User-friendly chat function with plenty of additional options.
  • Entertaining and straightforward matching process.
  • Suitable for casual dating, flirting, and meeting new friends alike.
  • Recent issues with the app including frequent crashes and failure to log in
  • Age-discriminatory prices for Premium membership.
  • Often suggests people that are far away.

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Out of all dating sites and apps available in 2020, Tinder is surely one of the most popular platforms for finding dates and hookups. There’s probably no need to introduce the brand – you’ve definitely heard of it, and maybe even used it to connect with local singles. However, is this international dating app still at the top of its game? In this comprehensive Tinder review, we’re looking at Tinder today to find out if it can still maintain the quality of its dating services.

Using the Tinder Website

Using the Tinder Website

Nowadays, most Tinder reviews and articles focus on the dating stories and experiences on the platform, but often forget to mention the technical side. Moreover, since most people prefer the app, you may not know that all Tinder features are also available on their official website. Perhaps, website design is not the most important feature of dating sites, but it definitely plays a big role. Having all sections organized properly and easily available makes online dating a pleasant process. In this regard, you can rest assured that Tinder will meet most of your expectations.

The brand has an official website where you can sign up for an account, communicate with them, and read all the terms, regulations, and updates about the platform. The site has a simple interface and is easy to use. However, some things could get an improvement. For example, we couldn’t find any way to edit profile information on the desktop version. Moreover, it is inconvenient to scroll other people’s profiles as the Tinder website doesn’t seem fully adapted to navigation on a desktop browser. As a result, your dating experience will be somewhat limited on the website, so you should consider using the app for full functionality.

Using the Tinder Website

What’s So Special About the Brand’s Features?

Transsexual dating sites often have many different features to offer. These may include something original that will set the brand apart from the competition, or only a variety of useful features that make your online dating experience more comfortable. Tinder’s hallmark and most recognizable feature is its matching algorithm. The process is as simple as it gets – the app suggests people within your area. You can see their pictures and a short description. Some profiles also have an Instagram tied to them, allowing you to see the person’s latest Instagram posts. Additionally, some users display their Spotify music likes or even a song they identify with themselves. So how does the matching work?

If you like someone, you can swipe right to give them a Like. If the person swipes right on you too – congratulations, you have a match, and you can start chatting with them. If you want to skip the profile, simply swipe left – even if they swipe right on you, they cannot contact you. There are additional functions, such as Boosts and Super Likes. A Boost allows you to enter the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes, which brings more attention to your profile. Super Likes are for cases when you find someone especially eye-catching and attractive. A Super Like will let them know that you think they’re special.

Using the Tinder Website

Tinder Matches: Best on Desktop or Mobile?

Everyone knows about Tinder primarily as a dating app for mobile devices. The brand owes much of its success to its app’s simple functionality that allows users to connect with interesting and attractive people nearby. At the same time, Tinder offers a website and a mobile version for those who don’t want to download the app. However, we strongly recommend using the mobile application. The Tinder website has a great design and works well enough. However, you can’t experience some of the features and functions that the app is famous for if you use the desktop version. Moreover, you will find that the website is not as smooth in navigation. You may even have trouble accessing certain sections of your profile.

As for mobile access, the Tinder app is your best choice. The application is available for download from App Store, Google Play Store, and directly from the official Tinder website. The average rating is from 3.5 to 4 stars. However, recently there has been an increase in negative user reviews. They mostly report issues such as the app crashing frequently and trouble logging in to their accounts. The good news is that Tinder seems to review and fix the bugs regularly. Finally, downloading the app is free, although the brand does offer in-app purchases. You can find more about those later in our Tinder review.

The Brand’s Measures to Ensure Safety

Tinder uses standard security measures, including SSL encryption and the latest data protection technologies. Apart from that, with the help of automated decision-making, the brand removes bot accounts and profiles with suspicious behavior detected. Tinder goes the extra mile to ensure its members’ safety by offering a Safety Center. This is a feature that offers extensive support and guidance on safe online dating and dating tips. The Safety Center guides, tools, and resources to learn about safety on dating sites and ways to deal with harassment and other inappropriate behavior. You can even take a quiz to check and, possibly, increase your level of awareness. However, the feature is currently available in just a few countries, including the US.

Using the Tinder Website

How to Make an Account

Registration on Tinder is quite a smooth and pleasant process. You have several options for sign-up, which you can choose to save time and effort. For example, you can register with your Facebook account, Google account, or your phone number. The quickest way to register is with your phone number. You will receive a confirmation code, and then you can proceed to fill out your personal information. If you choose to sign-up with your social media account, Tinder will automatically transfer the details it needs, including your name, email address, and date of birth. Email confirmation is optional, and you can do it at any time. Additionally, you can indicate info such as gender, sexual orientation, and your passions in life. And this is it – you can start swiping now!

Don’t forget to go to your profile and add a few pictures of yourself. You can snap photos directly from your camera, upload them from your gallery, or even transfer a few over from Facebook or Instagram. Remember that the platform works on a simple principle of liking your matches’ appearance. Therefore, to catch somebody’s interest and receive likes, you need to have pictures that clearly show your face and highlight your best features.

Additionally, add a short description to let your potential matches know what you are looking for.

Editing Your Tinder Profile

When looking for matches on dating sites, you might want to update your profile from time to time. To add new or remove old information, members can simply tap on the pencil icon near their profile and edit anything they want. You can add or remove pictures, change your bio description, or tie other services such as Instagram or Spotify to your account. You can’t change basic information such as your name or age. However, everything else, including gender, sexuality, occupation, education, and city of residence, can be edited at any time.

Using the Tinder Website

Tinder Chat and Its Functions

Tinder chat is, without a doubt, one of the primary reasons why so many people love using Tinder. It’s simple, smooth, and efficient. It is also quite advanced, giving you many options to communicate with your matches. Apart from standard quick instant messages, you can send gifs, songs from Spotify, and different emoticons. There’s a separate function to share a contact card. This way, you can send such contact info as your phone number or a link to one of your social media profiles. Finally, users in select markets can now use the video chat feature to connect with matches face to face.

Removing Conversations: How to Undo a Delivered Text?

Now that you know more about Tinder’s messaging options, it’s time to talk about the conversations. What kind of interaction can you expect on this dating app? Is it only for flirting, or can you actually chat about anything? Finally, can you delete a message if you feel like you’ve made the wrong step? Let our Tinder review answer these questions for you.

Firstly, it is a great misconception that Tinder is only suitable for flirting and finding quick hookups. Some people don’t look for a relationship or a casual date. Instead, many users come to the platform just to connect with interesting people in their area. You will find that many of your matches are real, serious people who, apart from their looks, can also hold a decent conversation. There have even been cases in which people who met on Tinder for casual dating or a hookup went on to form a stable relationship or become great friends.

Managing your conversations on Tinder can get tiresome, though. With so many randomly created matches, you can lose track of which chats matter and which ones just occupy space. Although you can’t, unfortunately, delete an individual message on Tinder, there’s a way to eliminate old and unpromising chats. You can simply click on the conversation and delete the whole exchange with that person. Once you do it, Tinder will remove them from your matches. This will make it impossible for them to contact you unless the two of you match again.

Using the Tinder Website

Finding Out Who’s Online

Choosing what to say to get that connection with your match can sure be a challenge. However, what should you do if you’ve made the first step, and there’s still no reply after a while? Firstly, making and keeping contact on a dating app requires both sides of the match to be online and ready to respond. Whenever you feel like you’ve found the right person, you may be eager to start chatting with them right away. However, how can you know that someone you swiped right on or already matched with is online and available to talk?

Just like many advanced messengers today, Tinder does show members’ online or recent activity status. You can also check out the person’s profile and see if they changed anything since the last time you looked at their information. Still, whether they are looking for a chat, you can only find it out if you text them and wait for their response. However, if your Tinder match is not responding even if it shows that they’ve been active recently, don’t get immediately upset. They might be working or dealing with something from their real-time routine. Instead, while waiting for them to answer, you can search for other matches and talk to other people. For all you know, your next romantic adventure or a hot date could be the next person you swipe right on.

Contact Cards: When Should You Send Your Contact Info on Tinder?

Sharing contact info is never a good idea if you don’t know a person well. However, as we’re on Tinder – perhaps the most mainstream hookup app out there, sharing contact info such as your phone number or even address is nothing out of the ordinary. Still, it is essential to remember that dating sites and apps are never entirely safe, including Tinder. There are general guidelines of safety that you should know and follow to avoid trouble.

Tinder has a Safety Tips section where it clearly and genuinely lists many ways people you meet on dating sites can harm you, both online and offline. These include asking for money, stalking, trying to lure you somewhere, etc. The best way to avoid such individuals is to keep your personal data private and following offline meeting safety precautions. As such, Tinder reminds its users not to share any financial info, official documents, home and work addresses, your daily routines, and places you, your family, or friends visit regularly. Only consider sharing some of these after you’ve met the person a few times and confirmed their identity and intentions. There is much more detailed information related to safe communication and dating available on the platform. You can find it both on the Tinder website and in the app.

The Price of Tinder Premium Experience

Subscription Plan Cost
Tinder+ 9.99 USD / a month (under 30) USD / a month (above 30)
Tinder Gold 13.49 USD / 1 month
52 USD / 6 months
52 USD / 12 months
Tinder Platinum 17.99 USD / 1 month
63 USD / 6 months
90 USD / 12 months
Additional Boosts (1, 5, and 10 in one purchase) and Super Likes (5, 25, and 60 in one purchase) From 0.67 USD to 6.99 USD per item

Recently, Tinder has been under fire for having different prices set for separate age categories. Younger members can pay less, while users over 30 years old may even have to pay double the price. The price for Premium subscription also ranges depending on location.

Can You Do Anything With a Basic Membership?

Free membership on dating sites will give you minimal options of what you can do in nine cases out of ten. Usually, messaging is either limited or completely unavailable without a Premium membership. This can be frustrating as you have no way of checking the platform’s communication quality before paying.

Although Tinder does have paid features, the good news is that all messaging functions are absolutely free for everyone. You can match and chat with hot singles in your area without any limits. Unlike with many other dating brands that ask you to pay money for almost everything you do on their platform, only some extra helpful features on Tinder come as part of Premium membership. Continue reading this Tinder review to find out more about those.

Using the Tinder Website

Liked You: How to See Received Likes?

Talking about helpful features, you’re likely wondering whether it is possible to find out if someone likes you on Tinder. The answer is yes, but only if you’re a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum member. Otherwise, you can only find if someone liked you if you like them back and create a match.

How Affordable Is Tinder Membership

Compared to other dating sites and apps, the price of a paid subscription on Tinder is average. You can choose between the two Premium options and try it for one month. If you find that the increased quality of your dating experience is worth the money you’re paying, you can choose a longer subscription period next. Otherwise, it is possible to use the free membership as all important features are available for free members with hardly any limits.

Tinder offers three types of Premium membership. The first one is Tinder+, which is an upgraded version of the app with extra features available. With this upgrade, you get access to the following functions:

  • Passport – match with people in different locations around the world
  • Give unlimited likes
  • No advertisements
  • Rewind if you want to change your decision about a rejected match
  • One Boost a month and five Super Likes daily

Another membership plan is Tinder Gold, which offers even more functions. One of the most useful features available with this subscription type is seeing who likes you beforehand. Apart from that, you get access to all features included in Tinder+ membership plan, and get top picks of best potential matches every day. Finally, the third membership plan is Tinder Platinum, which is quite recent and available only in certain markets. Apart from all the Premium features already mentioned in our Tinder review, Tinder Platinum allows you to message users before you match them. You can do this by sending a message together with a Super Like. Additionally, the brand makes sure that users see Platinum members’ likes before everybody else’s.

No Longer Need the Upgrade? How to Cancel

If you’ve tried a Premium subscription on Tinder and don’t find your experience satisfactory, you can always cancel it. However, be careful to do it the right way. Many users of dating sites have issues with canceling their paid membership simply because they haven’t read the term. As such, on Tinder, you cannot cancel your subscription simply by deleting the app. Depending on your device type and method of payment, you need to cancel it manually. For example, Android users can remove the subscription in their Google Play Store account. Similarly, Apple users can manage their subscriptions in their iPhone settings. Finally, if you’ve paid for the membership with a credit card, you need to go to your Payment Account settings on the app or the Tinder website.

Contacting Tinder: Mission Impossible

Unlike many other dating sites, Tinder doesn’t offer either telephone or email customer service. Instead, you can refer to the Help Center, where the brand offers detailed answers for different questions and issues. There’s a contact form for more serious issues, although the platform is likely to redirect you back to the FAQ section.

Final Thoughts

We’re sure that there is a lot of information about Tinder out there. However, it is important to stay updated about the app’s improvement or otherwise. Many dating brands have a good start but don’t really manage to maintain the quality of their services for a long time. During the whole time of being in the online dating market, Tinder has gained a lot of popularity. However, not everything is as good as it used to be. As we’ve mentioned in our Tinder review, the brand has had certain technical issues with the app and negative feedback about paid subscription plans. The good news is that the brand takes the safety and satisfaction of their clients seriously. Most profiles are 100% real people nearby who you can talk to and meet offline. You should remember that, although there are quite a lot of exceptions, the platform is still most well-suited for those looking for a casual date or a hookup. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that Tinder is still one of the safest and most genuine dating sites out there.

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